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Tragediinaia noch’. Poema/ A Night of Tragedy

Typography and cover design by Solomon Telingater. Aleksandr Ilich Bezymenskii - Soviet Russian poet. Bezymenskii took part in the October Revolution in Petrograd. He was a leader in the Young Communist movement, a member of the first convocation of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Youth League, and also a delegate to Komsomol congresses. At the seventh congress of the All-Union Lenin Communist Youth League he was elected an honorary Komsomol member. Bezymenskii began publishing in 1918 and later became an active member of RAPP (Russian Association of Proletarian Writers). His first collections of poetry, October Dawns (1920) and Toward the Sun (1921), were marked by traits of the cosmic-abstract poetry of those years. Overcoming these tendencies, Bezymenskii turned to a depiction of the heroic quality of everyday life under the revolution for example, the collection How Life Smells (1924) and the poems On a Cap and On Felt Boots. Many of his poems and songs are devoted to the Komsomol for example, The Young Guard (1922), Komsomol Fleet March (1924), and the narrative poem Komsomoliia (1924). Bezymenskii came to be known as the poet of the Komsomol. He is also the author of the narrative poems Small Town (1921, published in 1922 23), Vladimir ll ich Ul ianov (1926), Felix (1927), Petersburg Blacksmith (1937, published in 1939).The poem Tragic Night (1930 63) is devoted to the construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station. Cover restored, otherwise in a very good condition.