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Mr. Croker’s Idea of Expansion

HARPER'S WEEKLY Woodcut. Page measures 15 7/8" x 10 7/8". This persuasive map was the cover page of the July 21, 1900 edition of Harper's Weekly, Vol. XLIV No. 2274. Caption reads, "Mr. Croker's Idea of Expansion". The page features an illustration of Mr. Croker, the boss of Tammany Hall, sitting on top of a Democratic donkey and holding the leashes of two bulldogs on either side, standing over a map of the United States. The 1900 Democratic presidential candidate, William Jennings Byran, is depicted hiding behind Mr. Croker. This cartoon expresses the power of Tammany and Mr. Croker over the Democratic party, and touches on issues pertinent to the 1900 election, including free silver and the annexation of former Spanish territories following the Spanish-American War. In good condition. Minor tears to margins. William Allen Rogers (1854-1931) was an American cartoonist. His tenure at Harper's Weekly began in 1877 following the death of Fletcher Harper, the founder and publisher of the magazine. Harper was a consistent supporter of Thomas Nast, whose cartoons are well-known for their controversial political commentary. After the publisher's death, the magazines began to gradually disassociate from Nast, publishing William A. Rogers' cartoons more frequently. In addition to his 25-year tenure at Harper's, Rogers' cartoons were also featured in the New York Herald, Life, Puck, the Century, St. Nicholas, and the Washington Post. This is an excellent example of his work.