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Complete set of Daisy and Dot books

Complete set of Daisy and Dot books, by Aunt Fanny

Barrow, Frances Elizabeth Daisy No. 1; Daisy No. 2; Daisy & Dot; Daisy's Kittens; Daisy's Death; Dot. Six volumes, complete. Each volume contains 64pp. In the first issue of The Miniature Book Collector, Ruth Adomeit devoted several pages to the series of books published by Breed and Butler, and recounted her discovery of this series, which are the smallest and rarest of the Aunt Fanny books. Barrow, through Breed and Butler, published four other sets of six books under the pen-names Aunt Fanny and Aunt Laura; Adomeit's speculation that there were six books in this series was confirmed, and then questioned over the course of two subsequent issues. The appearance of a copy of Daisy's Kittens with a cover title reading Daisy's Letters turned out to be a phantom, even though Doris Welsh in her bibliography noted it. In addition, it was noted that not all copies of Daisy's Kittens have the shorter title on the title page; some, including the copy in this set, have the longer, more specific title, Daisy's Six Kittens. In this set, four of the books are bound in blue cloth, one in brown and one in red. A few covers have slight rubbing and one has three small stains to the rear cover. There are some split hinges to several books, but all are complete with their endpapers intact. Condition ranges from very good to near mint. This complete set is among the rarest of 19th-century miniature books. (MBC I: 6,8-9; II: 60-61; Welsh 408). (1 1/4 by 1; 33x25mm).