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The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (5 volumes)

The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (5 volumes)

Jeffers, Robinson; Hunt, Tim (editor) Complete in 5 volumes. 4to. Each volume with a tipped-in photo frontispiece of Jeffers by Ansel Adams, Leigh Wiener and Louis Fleckenstein. Book design by Adrian Wilson. Gift inscription in Volume One else all volumes are in fine condition in fine dustjackets. Note: this is a heavy set and additional shipping may be required. The definitive work on California's greatest poet as well as a major poet of the twentieth century. "Now, for the first time, all of Jeffers' completed poems, both published and unpublished, are presented in a single, comprehensive, and textually authoritative edition." - rear flap. The first three volumes of this four-volume work, presents chronologically all of Jeffers' published work from 1920 to 1963. Voume Four includes apprentice work of 1912-1919, completed poems Jeffers left in manuscript, documents such as Jeffers' "Preface" to The Selected Poetry editorial apparatus that discusses the textual decisions made for the edition, and indexes of titles and first lines. Volume Five includes an Introduction providing scope and principles of poetry selection and chronological order; and the essay "Chronology" offering an overview of Jeffers's career, the evidence for dating the poems, and the arguments drawn from that evidence. It also describes the rationale and evidence for establishing the texts of the poems for this edition, and present, in the form of extensive commentary and tabulations for each poem, the material (notes, preliminary workings, revisions, discarded passages, and variations in published versions) that both complicate and enrich the study of Jeffers's poetry and prose. These commentaries also incorporate a number of additional selections from Jeffers's previously unpublished writings. Volumes One, Two and Three are First Editions; Volumes Four and Five are later printings.
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Three ‘Love’ Letters

Searle, Alan (Lon McCallister) Alan Searle, once the lover of Lytton Strachey, was W. Somerset Maugham's private secretary and companion beginning in the 1940s. He lived with Maugham in his Monte Carlo villa and remained with him until Maugham's death in 1965. In his final years, Maugham made an unsuccessful attempt to disinherit his daughter and to adopt Searle as his son. Lon McCallister was a rising Hollywood star in the 1940s before retiring in the early 50s. Written soon after Maugham's death, one the three letters alludes to the difficulties Searle was having with Maugham's estate (and likely, his daughter). 1) ALS dated 21st October, 1966 on 6" x *' 'Cunard Line R.M.S. Queen Mary' stationery. The letter opens 'Dear, dearest Lon,' and finds Searle 'dreaming of the happy - divinely happy - times I had with you in California.' After reflecting on the holiday, 'most certainly the happiest of my life. You were absolutely angelic to me. I was crazy about you when I first met you and as the days passed it developed into real love and deep admiration. I cannot wait long to see you and be with you again.' Searle goes on to invite the actor to join him in Monte Carlo and concludes 'Dearest Lon, I think of you with such tenderness and love - I long so much already to see you again. Alan' 2) Two TLS on 30, Avenue de Grand Bretagne, Monte Carlo stationery. The first. dated 12th July, 1967, advises 'I have had to postpone my proposed visit until later in the year.' Searle explains 'I am having a rough and worrying time over Mr. Maugham's affairs. All the money is frozen and if they don't release it soon I shall be hustling.' He continues 'If you are at 9166 (9166 Cordell Dr, George Cukor's residence, which for many years served as the social center to Hollywood's gay community) on Sunday next, will you give all the boys my love, and the two Georges and Harris in particular.' The second, dated 16th September, 1967 updates 'Dear, dear Lon' that Searle will be coming to California after Christmas and asks 'Will you let Scottie (sic) Bowers know that I am on the way!!! (Bowers was the legendary Hollywood pimp from the 1940s-80s). Searle goes on to say 'George has very kindly asked me to stay with him. Are you going to be one of Big George's bridesmaids?' and concludes 'Love from Alan'.