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Three-page announcement for members of the newly-formed Film-Makers’ Cinematheque including a schedule of their four very first screenings featuring films by Warhol and others.

WARHOL, Andy, RICE, Ron, CONNER, Bruce; & BRAKHAGE, Stan et al. Two pages are quarto, one is octavo, stapled at the corner. The first page lists the four initial programs of the Film-Makers' Cinematheque. The first program features "Newsreel" by Andy Warhol, "Senseless" and "Chumlum" by Ron Rice, "A Movie" by Bruce Conner, and "Thigh Line Lyre Triangular" by Stan Brakhage, among others. The second program is devoted entirely to Andy Warhol who will be presented the Independent Film Award for 1964 and "Eat," "13 Most Beautiful Women," and "Banana Sequence," are among the many films of his that will be screened. The third program features "Dog Star Man" by Stan Brakage, and films by Bob Fleishner, Robert Nelson, Storm De Hirsch, Carl Lindner, and Charles Levine. The fourth program includes "Little Stabs at Happiness," by Ken Jacobs, as well as films by Robert Breer, Geore Landow, Naomi Levine, Charles Boultenhouse, and Marie Menken. The second page of this announcement prints a lengthy statement of purpose outlining the goals of what the Film-Makers' Cinematheque is trying to accomplish. Founded by Jonas Mekas, the Cinematheque was the preeminent showcase for experimental and underground cinema during the sixties. This, their inaugural announcment, features a who's who of the leading underground filmmakers of the period. Flattened horizontal creases where previously folded, first page toned around the edges, near fine. Scare ephemera from the nascent underground film scene and Warhol's early screenings.