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An Archive of Material, Published by the Children’s Bureau, Bureau of Child Hygiene, American Child Health Association, National Society for the Prevention of Blindness, and Others

Various Seventeen booklets, pamphlets, and leaflets, covering the years from 1924 until ca1930; various sizes; all of them with holes punched through left margin for filing; illustrated with drawings, tables, photographs, fold-out charts, etc.; condition varies from good (one of the pamphlets with wraps detached, but present), through very good - occasional spotting and corners' wear, to near fine or better with very minor wear.An interesting and varied archive of material, related to children and adolescents and their mental and physical health, the items in it were pubished by several agencies and organizations, established in the 19th- and the beginning of the 20th century. The Children's Bureau, a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families, was established in 1912. Historically, among other things, its goals have been decreasing infant mortality, regulating child labor, preventing child abuse, governing foster care and adoption, and others. The Bureau of Education, established in 1867 under the name Department of Education, was aimed at providing educational information to state and local education authorities. The American Child Health Association was founded in 1923 by, then, future president Herbert Hoover. Publications in the archive include: "Mental Training of the Young Child," "What Every Teacher Should Know About the Physical Condition of Her Pupils," "Community Care of Dependent, Delinquent, and Handicapped Children," etc. *Please inquire for a detailed list of titles.*

Nervyia boliezni v otdielnykh nabliudeniiakh (Individual Observations on Nervous Diseases) In Two Volumes

Bekhterev, Prof. V. M. First editions, two volmes, published in 1894 and 1899; 9 1/4 x 6 1/4; vol. I pp. [5], VI, 1-255, [1], vol. II pp. [6], 1-278; rebound in plain, purple wraps; fading to margins of wraps and spine covers and a few small nicks to edges; small signatures of previous owner to "Contents" page in vol. I; illustrated with drawings, woodcut engravings, and graphs; very good condition.Vladimir Bekhterev (1857 - 1927) was a Russian psychiatrist, founder of Objective Psychology, and main rival and competitor of Ivan Pavlov and his studies on conditioned reflexes. Bekhterev established the first laboratory of experimental psychology in Russia at the University of Kazan in 1886, where he was a professor of psychiatric diseases. He also founded a psychoneurological institute at the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg in 1907. He developed his own theory of conditioned reflexes and did extensive research of brain morphology. He founded the first Russian journal on nervous diseases in 1896. Bekhterev's most lasting legacy would be his discovery of new nervous symptoms and previously-unknown brain formations, including the superior vestibular nucleus (Bekhterev Nucleus) and Bekhterev's Acromial Reflex. He studied what would become known as Bekhterev's Disease (an autoimmune disease first written about and discussed in his current work) and described it sufficiently-enough, as to allow an accurate and official diagnosis, prior to severe spinal deformity. OCLC lists one copy at the NLM; no copies in the trade (as of July 2019).