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Tabboo! The Art of Stephen Tashjian

Pierson Jack Near Fine in publishers decorated boards.1st edition, 1st issue. Tabboo! The Art of Stephen Tashjian is the first monograph on the legendary underground painter, puppeteer, performer and--alongside Mark Morrisroe, Nan Goldin and Jack Pierson--member of the so-called Boston School. Tabboo!'s paintings, collages and photographs spill over with a riotous mixture of punk energy and high camp; in a 1995 interview with Linda Simpson about his early work, he observed: "the subject matter was drag, glamour, ladies' shoes, lingerie, hairdos, vinyl--same as now." Tabboo! laces these exuberant themes with defiant resolve, from poignant tributes to friends lost to AIDS, to fairy tales fashioned into sophisticated treatises on gentrification. Chronicling the young artist's arrival in the apocalyptic East Village of the 1980s, Tabboo! The Art of Stephen Tashjian also presents a vast archive of flyers, snapshots and other ephemera that charts the development of the drag performance scene from the Pyramid Club to Wigstock, highlighting its intersection with popular culture and the 1980s art world. Tabboo!'s own writings, along with essays by Jack Pierson, Elisabeth Kley and Lia Gangitano (the book's editor), detail his life's work and his collaborations with Mark Morrisroe, Pat Hearn, Howard Stern, Nan Goldin and Deee-Lite, among others. Tabboo!'s distinctive style had a profound impact on leading cultural figures of his generation, including Goldin, Morrisroe, Jack Pierson, Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, David Armstrong and Philip-Lorca diCorcia, whose portraits of Tabboo! are also included in the publication. ISBN 8862082649
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De Bellis (Ed) Vincenzo Booklabel of Simon Lee, Near Fine in publishers slightly dusty boards. 1st edition. Published on the occasion of Anamericana � the big group exhibition held in October 2013 at the American Academy in Rome, curated by Vincenzo de Bellis and promoted by the DEPART Foundation � the book explores, through texts and images, the idea that despite the variety of practices in today�s America, many artists are constantly working around themes delving into the habits and traditions central to contemporary American society. The title itself plays with the meaning of the word �Americana�, which usually refers to manufactured objects, or a set of artifacts, that belong or relate to the cultural heritage, history, geography and folklore of the United States. Many types of materials fall under the definition of Americana: paintings, prints and drawings, license plates or entire vehicles, household items, utensils and weapons, statues, and so on. Patriotism and nostalgia are predominant themes. The term is often used to describe the subject of a museum or collection, or property for sale. The compound word AN-AMERICANA is deliberately ambiguous: on the one hand �An� can be read grammatically as an indefinite article that in this sense refers to a non-specific typology of the noun �Americana�. Alternatively, if �An� is read as a privative prefix, it negates the word that follows it. The works on display here reveal the tendency of contemporary artists to relate their works to history, as well as to the artistic and social traditions of the United States, while, at the same time maintaining a critical distance from them, underling in the process the controversial aspects of an extraordinarily complex country. ISBN 8897503357
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Like a Thief’s Dream

Lyon Danny Near Fine in publishers decorated boards in like slightly dusty dustjacket. 192pp. Illustrated. 1st edition, 1st issue. ames Ray Renton thief, counterfeiter, and bank robber became one of America s Ten Most Wanted Men when he was charged with murdering a young Arkansas policeman in 1976. After a daring escape from the Tucker Maximum Security Unit in the 1980s, Renton made the FBI s Fifteen Most Wanted List before eventually being recaptured. Then, while in solitary confinement, Renton wrote a 60-page account of his escape and adventures, sent in a series of letters to Danny Lyon, a close friend of Renton s since they had met in the Texas prison system in 1967. After Renton s death in 1995, Lyon visited the Arkansas town where Renton had been convicted. Following an incredible paper trail left behind by the crime and 1978 trial (in which Lyon had testified), Lyon located Dinker Cassel, who was sentenced to life along with Renton for the murder. Like a Thief s Dream is Lyon s gripping story of two men one alive, the other dead and an unparalleled portrayal of prison life in the 1980s and 1990s. A tale of murder and betrayal, romance and robbery,Like a Thief s Dream is Lyon s first work of non-fiction in text form, a work of realism based almost entirely on documents including police and FBA records, prison and police mug shots, tape recordings made by the FBI and the author, Renton s own written account of his escape, letters from other prisoners to the author and to each other, and photographs made by Lyon and anonymous police photographers. ISBN 9781576873618
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