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Collection of eight documents relating to Greville's expenses

Collection of eight documents relating to Greville’s expenses, including two accounts specifically made out to Sir William Hamilton.

GREVILLE, Charles Francis (1749-1809). Further material relates to Hamilton's estate. Greville is particularly remembered for the 'gift' of his mistress, Emma Lyon (1765-1815) to his uncle William Hamilton, whose heir he had become, in 1786. The present collection largely relates to the domestic expenses of both Greville and Hamilton.21 June 1768, small slip: Account (in French) to Hamilton from Marie Loeillot for blue lustrine. 29 March 1790, 2 pages 4to: Account (in French) to Greville (in London) for providing and packing mirrors. 3 April 1790, 6 pages folio: lengthy account made out (in French) to Greville (in London) for furnishing number 73 Rue de La Verrerie in Paris, amounting to 9,929.2.6. livres. 7 April 1790 1 page 4to: letter to Greville from his agent in Paris, Perregaux, drawing his attention to the foregoing bill and also that previous one, for the mirrors. April? 1803: Invoice presumably to Greville from the London merchants, Kay & Prodgers for furnishings etc. including, 'Gowns & Bonnetts', 1 pages 4to rather tattered. This was long after Emma had been transferred to Hamilton. Greville remained unmarried although in search of a rich wife.8 May 1804: Receipt signed by William Crichton for £122 9s 4d 'from the Executor of the late Sir William Hamilton'8 October 1805: receipt signed by John Kay and Ed. Prodgers for £15 17s, 'the amount of our claim on the estate of the late Sir William Hamilton K.B. dece'd, for linen drapery, as proved by us in the court of Chancery in the cause Crichton against Greville .'. Small slip with embossed revenue stamp.Undated bill in Italian to 'Milord Amilton' on account of M. Loeillot for various furnishings.
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