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Anah Dunsheath Rare Books


Robert Southey (1774-1843)

SOUTHEY, Robert English Writer and Poet (1774-1843). Double-sided hand-written letter 22.5 x18.5 cm, recipient unknown, signed by Robert Southey. Dated 'Streatham, Surry Sept.23 1813'. Written in the year that he was appointed Poet Laureate. The letter is foxed and repaired on the folding creases. At the time, Southey was working, amongst other things, on a history of Portugal. The letter refers to both an involvement in writing on Spanish history, and what looks like an unfulfilled promise to provide new poems. Transcript: My Dear Sir If I were at home, I would set my shoulder to the wheel and help you: but here I am three hundred miles from my books and papers, - involved in business and overwhelmed with engagement; and it will be five or six weeks before I can by any possibility extricate myself. My portfolio would supply little, for of the ?vine of my youth? such as are not in print have been long since in the fire. With regard to the future fate of the Register, my apprehensions coincide with yours. Without wishing in any way to exaggerate the value I have written for it, I my say that no person can succeed to the task who is equally prepared for it by the previous knowledge which it requires & that it is hardly to be expected that anyone will again devote himself so entirely to it as I have done. If it would mince the proprietors to repurchase my share I would carry on the affairs of Spain, being that portion of the history for which I am most exclusively qualified and which has given it chief value to the work: this I would do as long as our armies continue there, at a price proportioned to its relative extent and also the affairs of Spanish America. I wish I could reply to Mr Thomson in a manner that would be satisfactory to him and to myself. More than once have I attempted to fulfil and provide into what he led me against my inclination & against my judgement. I have not been able to fulfil it. It will hardly behove me when I protest that I should much more easily undertake to produce another from the Kehama, than I wrote a single song, & that I could even do it sooner, to satisfy myself. Most assuredly I feel myself in his debt, - & the feeling is sufficiently uncomfortable to make me exceedingly desirous of discharging it. I will discharge it however if it is in my power: & if he knew me he would give me extra credit when I [appraise] him that it is from want of power that the delay proceeds, & not from want of inclination. Believe me my dear Sir, Yrs very truly, Robert Southey.
Cook's Voyages. Complete set

Cook’s Voyages. Complete set

James Cook A complete set of Cook's voyages in 8 volumes + folio Atlas. Red gilt morocco with marbled boards, bookplate of Francis Gregory Esq, and the label of Dymocks Book Arcade Sydney. The spine of the folio atlas rebacked in matching, but later red leather. An Account of the Voyage Undertaken by the Order of His Majesty for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere and successfully performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret and Captain Cook. drawn up from the journals which were kept by the several commanders and from the papers of Joseph Banks, Esq. John Hawkesworth ? First Edition. London, 1773. Three volumes, 4to, complete with 52 plates and charts, including Bailey's chart of New Zealand. Some isolated foxing, mainly on edges and verso of plates. Beddie 648. A Voyage towards the South Pole, and round the world, performed in His Majesty's ships the Resolution and Adventure in the Years 1772-1775. James Cook ? First edition, London 1777. Two volumes, 4to, complete with 64 plates and charts, including Cook's frontispiece portrait, folding table, plus Sir John Pringle's Discourse of the means for Preserving the Health of Mariners. Beddie 1216. A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. In His Majesty's Ships the Resolution and Discovery in 1776-1778. Volumes 1 and 2 written by James Cook and Volume 3 written by James King. London, 1785. Second edition. Three volumes + atlas, complete with 24 charts and plates, a folding table. Some minor foxing on title pages, and plates + a large folio atlas with 2 large folding charts and 61 plates, small 19th century library stamps, and a tear on front blank endpaper of atlas and some wear along the folds of charts, but with no loss. Beddie 1552. An extremely handsome, complete set in fine contemporary binding