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PICASSO. REVERDY, Pierre. Le chant des morts. Poems. Original lithographs by Pablo Picasso.

Pierre Reverdy & Pablo Picasso Tériade, Paris, 1948. Printed by Mourlot, Paris. Loose as issued, cover. folder and case. This edition was published in 1948 by Tériade and is printed from the poet's autograph copy. It is illustrated with 125 lithographs by Picasso (including 2 for the cover). Edition of 270 copies on Arches vellum, signed by Pierre Reverdy and Pablo Picaso: one of 20 out of commerce. Despite their long relationship, "Les Chants des Morts" is the only illustrated book Picasso and renown art reviewer and publisher Tériade ever collaborated on. Pierre Reverdy finished a series of 43 poems titled Le Chant des Morts and Picasso illustrated his handwritten manuscript page by page in the manner of old illuminated manuscripts, adding another layer of artistic expression to Reverdy's somber poems. The poems were written during the later years of World War II and explore themes of love, death, and the human condition often in a fragmented and surreal manner. Picasso's artwork in this book complements Reverdy's poetry by visually capturing the essence of the text and is often characterized by distorted and fragmented figures, bold lines, and vibrant colors. The illustrations serve as visual interpretations and extensions of Reverdy's words, deepening the reader's understanding and appreciation of the emotional intensity and existential themes present in Reverdy's poems. Ref: Cramer 50
  • $9,500
  • $9,500