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PICASSO. REVERDY, Pierre. Le chant des morts. Poems. Original lithographs by Pablo Picasso.

Pierre Reverdy & Pablo Picasso Tériade, Paris, 1948. Printed by Mourlot, Paris. Loose as issued, cover. folder and case. This edition was published in 1948 by Tériade and is printed from the poet's autograph copy. It is illustrated with 125 lithographs by Picasso (including 2 for the cover). Edition of 270 copies on Arches vellum, signed by Pierre Reverdy and Pablo Picaso: one of 20 out of commerce. Despite their long relationship, "Les Chants des Morts" is the only illustrated book Picasso and renown art reviewer and publisher Tériade ever collaborated on. Pierre Reverdy finished a series of 43 poems titled Le Chant des Morts and Picasso illustrated his handwritten manuscript page by page in the manner of old illuminated manuscripts, adding another layer of artistic expression to Reverdy's somber poems. The poems were written during the later years of World War II and explore themes of love, death, and the human condition often in a fragmented and surreal manner. Picasso's artwork in this book complements Reverdy's poetry by visually capturing the essence of the text and is often characterized by distorted and fragmented figures, bold lines, and vibrant colors. The illustrations serve as visual interpretations and extensions of Reverdy's words, deepening the reader's understanding and appreciation of the emotional intensity and existential themes present in Reverdy's poems. Ref: Cramer 50
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Marcel DUCHAMP. Boite alerte. Missives Lascives – 1959 / 1960

A green-cardboard mailbox that Marcel Duchamp created as a catalog for the 1959 Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme (EROS) in Paris. The box contains letters, texts, telegrams, and postcards representing or made by the artists who participated in the show. One of 200 copies. Marcel DUCHAMP (1887-1968). Boîte alerte (Alert box). Lascivious Missives - 1959 / 1960. Set of documents contained in a green cardboard letterbox measuring 28.5 x 18 cm with opening, movable hat, title on the front followed by a label printed in red: "Lascivious Missives" and, on the left side, printed on one line "International Exhibition of Surrealism". Surrealist box composed by André Breton and Marcel Duchamp to serve as a receptacle for the catalog of the International Surrealism Exhibition (1959-1960) organized at the Cordier gallery and various other documents detailed below: 1 - The exhibition catalog, large narrow In-8 of 144 pp., heavily illustrated, paperback, illustrated cover, numbered 5/200. 2 - Nine lascivious Missives: - 1. Robert Benayoum, pink envelope "Not to be opened under any circumstances" containing Le Corridor, illustrated leaflet in four panels. - 2. Micheline Bounoure, yellow envelope "Be ardent in the forest" containing two original compositions in symmetrical colors on the same sheet obtained by folding. - 3. Alain Joubert, pale green envelope containing "La Perle fine", text printed on four leaves. - 4.Red envelope "Have you thought about donating a little blood" containing a printed leaflet: La Pointe. - 5. R. Benayoum, "Strictly personal" white envelope containing authorization to republish a redacted text. - 6. Octavio Paz, airgram "Huis clos" containing Edemira B. printed on two sheets and two photographs. - 7. Transparent envelope "Notice of suffering" containing an anonymous leaflet "Letters from a sadist". - 8 André Pieyre de Mandiargues, orange "External use" envelope containing a "La Marée" leaflet. - 9. A white window envelope containing a woman's black stocking marked "Haut" by Mimi Parent. 3 - A cable on pink paper by Marcel Duchamp "Yours at André Breton". 4 - A double-sided 45 rpm vinyl record with texts spoken by: side a. J. Mansour, "The religious intoxication of big cities"; side b. B. Péret, "La Brebis galante". 5 - Six color postcards by Bellmer, Dali, Gorky, Miró, Svanberg, Clovis Trouille. 6 - Four original lithographs numbered 5/200 signed by the artists: Marie Toyen, Max Walter Svanberg, Adrien Dax and Joan Miro and an etching numbered 5/200 and signed by Jacques Le Maréchal.
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Pasiphae. Chant de Minos. (Les Crétois), 1944. With 147 linocuts by Matisse.

Text by Henri de Montherlant, illustrated by Henri Matisse. Paris, Martin Fabiani. 1944. In this 1944 retelling of the famous Greek myth, Pasiphae's tragic fate comes to life with Matisse's signature vibrant and expressive style. De Montherlant first pitched the idea of collaborating on a book to Matisse while he posed for a portrait. Since Matisse quite enjoyed the poet's retelling of Pasiphae, he readily accepted and chose his favorite passages from the work, reinterpreting the scenes in his immediately recognizable bold style. He particularly enjoyed creating linoleum engravings as he felt the style best captured his subtle hand movements. Only some of the linoleum blocks produced by Matisse for Pasiphae were used for this book, the rest being stored in the hopes that they could be used for a later work. Although a limited edition of 100 copies was made with these blocks after the artists death. All of the blocks the artist made for these works have since been destroyed. One of 200 copies in Arches paper with publisher watermark, from a total edition of 250. First edition, bound in an artistic binder by Ramon Gomez-Herrara, designed by Miquel Ruiz with interwoven red and white lines on black backgrounds that reinterprets Matisse linogravures. Complete with the original blue cover with linoleum-cut well preserved inside, illustrated with 147 linoleum-cuts of which 18 in full page, not signed or dated, 39 boards (26 in black and 13 in red), 6 culs-de-lampe, and 84 initials in red. In excellent condition signed by Matisse in justification page. Ref: Duthuit (Matisse Catalogue raisonne des ouvrages illustres) - #10