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Amusing Family Album [Late 19th/Early 20th Century]

Late 19th, early 20th century family album. Photographer is unknown. The album contains 64 gelatin silver prints affixed with glue. Photos measure 4 x 5 inches and album covers measure 5 x 6 inches. The album is disbound and missing its covers and is likely out of order. Some photos are almost completely lifted from the album leaves and have light soiling and wear. Leaves are edge worn and have a slight wave. Overall good condition. This is a great photo album. Although the theme of the album is chaotic, there is a little of everything here, there are some wonderful photos of the family. One of note includes a woman asleep in a hammock with another woman standing near her about to tickle her with a feather or switch; another woman stands behind the first tickler, about to tickle the tickler. There is a classic small town main street scene, but in the middle of the street is a boy doing a headstand. Another depicts a man painting by a lake, and the family admiring the paintings with fish and game in hand. There are some sweet family portraits, many depicting the same older man with a long beard, and a couple photos depicting a very ornate chair. There are some pastoral scenes from Illinois and the midwest, a bird's eye view of Rockford, Illinois, and photos of haymaking, a threshing machine, and the care and processing of pigs. There are a handful of scenes in California, Old Town, Pacific Beach and Sweetwater Dam, and some mining scenes possibly in the midwest or west. This sweet album has provided us with smiles and laughter.
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