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Burt Family Album [Featuring New Mexico and California]

New Mexico and California Family Album

Burt, Burton O.; Mrs. L. S. Burt; Charles S. Burt Photo album containing 18 photographs of New Mexico and California, taken by members of the Burt family. 10 photographs depict scenes of Aztec, New Mexico, 6 depict scenes of Los Angeles, Covina, and possibly Riverside, California, and 2 depict scenes of unknown locals. Early 20th century, c. 1900-1915. Black album covers with gilt imprint on front; black paper leaves with photos corner mounted. Overall very good with minor creasing, silvering and yellowing to photos. The album is comprised of RPPCs, albumens, and gelatin silvers (some printed on textured paper). Almost all photos have manuscript notes on verso, describing the scene and sometimes providing the name of the photographer. Burton O. Burt, Charles S. Burt and Mrs. L. S. Burt are mentioned as being photographers (at this time it is unknown how they are all related). It seems that most of the photographs in this album were taken by Burton O. Burt, and some have the imprint "Burt" or "Burt, Frisco" ("Frisco" likely referring to "San Francisco") in the negative. Mrs. L. S. Burt's photos can be found at Cal. State Fresno and Fresno State; Burton O. Burt Collection is found at the Seaver Center for Western History Research (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County). Burton O. Burt was engaged in photography throughout his life, working first out of Los Angeles and then out of Covina. He is also known to have worked as a linotype operator for the Covina Citizen throughout the 1920s, and the Pomona Valley Citizen in the 1940s (Online Archive of California). Little is known about Mrs. L. S. Burt except that she operated out of Fresno in 1891-92 (Mautz p.110). She is credited with taking the first shot found in this album and it's a nice one: the image depicts a late 19th/ early 20th century street view of Aztec, New Mexico showing Charles S. Burt and a pup riding in a horse and buggy. Other images of Aztec, New Mexico include: a young woman sketching "Mr. and Mrs. Burt May 1912" onto a rock wall (annotation on verso reads "photographer's wife, Aztec, New Mexico, 1912."), and six images of W. S. Dalton's Indian Trading Post and Native Americans of Aztec, New Mexico (attributed to Burton O. Burt). Images of California include: an RPPC of the Burt family, posing in front of palm trees; an image of the "Clune-Brown Talking Electric Sign" taken in 1915 by Burton O. Burt or his brother (likely in Los Angeles); 37th Street Cash Grocery, Ernie's 5 cent Café, and 716 Copper Front swap shop in Covina. There are two images of children pretending to run a grocery (young boy playing the salesman, young girl the customer); the locations of these images are unknown. Overall a great album attributed to a talented family of photographers. ; 7" x 10"