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Small Collection of Grove Press Erotica [23 Volumes]

Davids, Kenneth; Burroughs, William S; Glassco, John, et al Light/minor shelf, edge wear, some very sporadic foxing at tex block edges, a few closed tears in DJ, else tight, bright and unmarred.12mo-fo. Var. pag (see below). 1: Davids, Kenneth. The Softness on the Other Side of the Hole. New York, Grove Press. 1968. First edition of the author's first novel. 2: Howard, Monroe. Call me Brick. New York, Grove Press. 1967. "Ribald tale of a sexually precocious teen who tries to seduce her bachelor guardian, after learning about sex from a Cheyenne Indian at summer camp. Failing, she goes off on wild sexcapades, ending with her arrest as a high priced call girl in England while at an orgy for international diplomats." [Scheiner’ Comp. 674] First edition of author’s first novel. 3: Beardsley, Aubrey; Glassco, John. Under the Hill. New York, Grove Press. 1959. Richly illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. 4: Sade, Marquis De; Seaver, Richard; Wainhouse, Austryn [trans], Paulhan, Jean; Blanchot, Maurice. The Complete Justine; Philosophy in the Bedroom & Other Writings. New York, Grove Press. 1965. 753pp. 5: Sade, Marquis De. The 120 Days of Sodom and Other Writings. New York: Grove Press, 1966. Introductions by Simone De Beauvoir and Pierre Klossowski. 799pp Anonymous & Legman, G. (Introduction) 6: My Secret Life [Complete in 2 Volumes]. New York, Grove Press. 1966. 2359pp. 7: Burroughs, William S. The Soft Machine. New York, Grove Press, 1966. 182pp. Illust. 8: Schwarz, John M. Oh, You Wretch! Harry Miles. New York, Grove Press. 1967. 111pp. Very funny comedy of the misadventures of an everyday man in open revolt against his day-to-day life. 9: Panduro, Leif; Malmberg, Carl [trans]. One of Our Millionaires is Missing. New York, Grove Press, 1967. 174pp. From one of Denmark's most popular authors; trans from original Danish. 10: Beardsley, Aubrey; Glassco, John. Under the Hill. New York, Grove Press. 1959. 141pp. 11: Tuan, Jou Pu; Kuhn, Franz [trans]. A Seventeenth Century Erotic Moral Novel. New York, Grove Press. 1967. Translated from the German edition (The Prayer Mat of Flesh). 376pp. Illus (b/w plates). 12: Forberg, Fred Chas. Manual of Classical Erotology. New York, Grove Press. 1966. Two volumes in one. Latin text and English translation. [Vol. 1, 261pp. Vol. 2, 250pp]. Illus. (b/w plates). 13: Reage, Pauline. Story of O. Grove Press, Pub., NY, 1965; 1st edition, 1st printing; translated by Sabine d'Estree; Preface by Jean Paulhan; A Note on Story of O by Andre Pieyre de Mondiargues; fine condition with a fine dust jacket; Pauline Reage; Sexuality [Attributes: 14: Lenders, Jac. An Excess of Love. New York, Grove Press. 1968. 219pp. 15 Reynolds, Frank, as told to Michael McCluer. Freewheelin Frank: Secretary of the Angels.New York, Grove Press. 1967. 160pp. 16: Rechy, John. Numbers. New York, Grove Press. 1967. 256pp. 17: Anonymous [Glassco, John]. Harriet Marwood, Governess. New York, Grove Press. 1967. 251pp. 18: Gorling, Lars; Hollo, Anselm [trans]; Kuhlman, Roy [artist]. 491: a Novel. New York, Grove Press. 282pp. 19: Jefferis, B G; Nichols; Klonsky, Milton [ed], J L. Light on Dark Corners: A Complete Sexual Science and Guide to Purity Containing Advice to Maiden, Wife & Mother, etc. New York, Grove Press, 1967. Reprint of original 1894 edition. 247pp. Illus. (b/w plates). 20: T.F. Jones, C.J. Reiter, J. Schultz & A. Shafton. 4 X 4: Stairway to the Sea; This Night in Sodom; Custom; The Apostate Heriger. New York Grove Press. 1962. 288pp. 21: Anonymous. Sadopaideia: Being the Experiences of Cecil Prendergast Undergraduate of the University of Oxford Shewing How He was Led Through the Pleasant Paths of Masochism to the Supreme Joys of Sadism. Volume the First & Volume the Second. New York: Grove Press. 1967. 250pp.22: Grosz, George; Miller, Henry [intro]. Ecce Homo. New York: Grove Press. 1966. np. Illus. (color and b/w). A reprint of the 1923 edition which originally brought legal action against Grosz for defaming public morals.23: The Evergreen Review Reader 1957-1967: A ten-year anthology of America's leading literary magazine. New York, Grove Press. 1968. 777pp. Illus. (color and b/w plates). Great writing, pictures, cartoons, color photos.
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Africa’s Children

Williams, Thomas Parker; Williams, Mary Agnes Tight, bright, and unmarred. Limp patterned cloth binding, circular die cut; black paper slipcase with pattered cloth closures and edges, text in colors and printed on mounted circles; housed in a wooden drum, goatskin drum head, wire frame with cord (for tuning), hinged base. Book 7" in diameter, box 8.5" in diameter. np. Illus. (b/w plates). Numbered limited edition, this being 2 of 3. Signed by the artists. "Africa's Children is a personal view about music, based on the rhythms of the drum, that evolved from the African diaspora. Blues, Jazz and Funk are American forms; the music of Cuba combines African and Spanish roots." [artist statement] Concept, design, illustrations, binding, drum fabrication and printing by Thomas Parker Williams. Concept, text, hand typesetting and printing by Mary Agnes Williams. B 6 gravures from original drawings by the artist, 5 mounted as volvelles; hand-set letterpress text; wax-printed African cloth covers. "First, thin plywood was soaked in water and bent around a form. Then the four sections were glued together. Tuning rings were formed from wire and soldered. The goatskin head was soaked and formed around the interior ring. The exterior ring has eyelets soldered to it to pass the tuning cord through it as well as the eyelets on the bottom of the drum. The drum is then tuned in the African way by pulling the cords tight." The drum is, not surprisingly, playable. [artist statement]
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2002-2003: Miquel Barceló

Barceló, Miquel Tight, bright, and unmarred. Red cloth binding, paper onlay, gatefold dos-á-dos binding, color printed onlay lables, color printed endpages, mixed media, techniques include typographic print, chromolithography, phototype, helioprint, plates and prints using a selection of colours for the prints from original digital sources; matching archival case. 8vo. np. Illus. (color and b/w plates). Limited edition of 99 copies and 5 hors commerce copies. Signed by the artist. 2002-2003. Miquel Barceló The artist’s handwritten pages have been transcribed under the supervision of José Díaz for printing at the Atelier du Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe at the Imprimerie Nationale. The manual typesetting consists of placing the letters one by one in a drawer, creating the printing layout line by line. Making a typographic cliché implies an original document that is photographed or scanned at a certain scale, obtaining a negative from the clichés that are created in relief on a magnesium plate. The printing entails transferring the characters and illustrations arranged on the metal plate onto paper. The print run and the number of prints per page are agreed by the artist and editor, and the resulting plates are later destroyed, ensuring no more copies can be made. To ensure print quality, images and watercolours are scanned from an original in a high-quality file (1440 dpi). After touch-up work, the files are converted to tiff format and are printed in four colours, with colour fidelity to the original. The inks used are based on ultrachrome pigment (a coloured liquid composed of minerals) to guarantee the stability and longevity of the prints on suitable quality paper. Handmade sheets of paper (with an output of 80 pages per day) are made of cotton linen using a pH-neutral glue at the factory of the Capellades Paper Mill Museum, under the supervision of Victoria Rabal. This book combines the computer processing of colour technology and the quality of traditional typographical machines at the Atelier du Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe at the Imprimerie Nationale, directed by Christian Jourdain.