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Laurence McGilvery

Spanish Village art quarterly. Volume 1

Spanish Village art quarterly. Volume 1, numbers 1 & 2, Spring & Fall 1941. Presumably all published

Hester, Tom, ed Balboa Park in San Diego was developed during two world's fairs, the 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition and the 1935-36 California Pacific International Exposition. The Spanish Village, an artists' colony of thirty-five studios, is one of the attractions added in 1935. This professionally designed and conceived magazine was modeled on some of the better art periodicals of the Thirties. Its intended horizon was more than merely local. Decorated paper covers. 27.6 x 21.2 cm. **No. 1: Color frontispiece & 10 plates & illustrations + folder laid in loose with 6 illlustrations in sepia. 18 pp. Contributors include Lorser Feitelson ("What is Postsurrealism?"), Dan Dickey, Reginald Poland, Stanton MacDonald-Wright ("Work of the Southern California Art Project"), and Everett Gee Jackson. Illustrations include works by Picasso, El Greco, Paul Landacre, Goya, and Emil J. Kosa, Jr. **No. 2: 2 color plates (Van Dyck and Dali) & 33 plates & illustrations. Texts by Dan Dickey and Donal Hord, plus "Eight-Ring Circus," by Julia Gethman Andrews, a 12-page story on a watercolor course taught by Rex Brandt, David Scott, Millard Sheets, Milford Zornes, Tom Craig, George Post, and Phil Dike. Illustrations include works by Hord, Robert Gwathmey, Phil Paradise, Lyonel Feininger, Moreau, Guys, Claude Lorrain, Gainsborough, Belle Baranceanu, Utrillo, Rodin, and Degas. Fine copies, and vanishingly scarce. One set located at the San Diego Museum of Art; none in OCLC (the World Catalogue). **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order.
Manuscript lot by and to Valentine (Gross) Hugo. SALE PRICE through 31 December 2019

Manuscript lot by and to Valentine (Gross) Hugo. SALE PRICE through 31 December 2019

Hugo, Valentine. Gross, Valentine. Mathey, Maurice Six items as follows: 1) A student notebook or workbook, 21.8 x 17.5 cm. The cover is mottled black outside and purple inside. It has 30 pages now but probably had 40 or more originally. The first three leaves and one in the center are loose, and there are a few stubs where paper was torn out. Of the 30 pages, 20 have a dramatic script written very rapidly in soft pencil. The title or chief characters appear to be "Colmet" or "Calmet" and "Marianne." One of the unused sheets in the back has some longhand multiplication in ink and in different handwriting. 2) A 16-page booklet with no covers, 22.4 x 17.4 cm, contains more of the same dramatic script. It may be an earlier version because some pages are boldly crossed out. 3) A single sheet of stationery from E. Grindel in Paris (Paul Eluard) measures 27.4 x 21.7 cm and is folded in half. It bears on one side several notes, including one about Don Juan and another about a manuscript of la "Ballade de Pierrot blanc et laid"; a list of titles (?), e.g., "l'Essor," "Cauchemar," "Paysage alpin," "Ballade russe (ballade en triolets)," etc. On the other is another list headed "Table des matieres" and a drawing of a bearded man in long robe with a ruff and a musical instrument (probably a mandolin). 4-6) Three love letters dated 1912 and 1913 to Valentine Gross from Maurice Mathey, Swiss painter (1878-1975). They are in ink in a very small, delicate hand. Each one is a sheet 22.2 x 17.2 cm folded in half to make 4 pages. One is a page and a quarter; one is two full pages; and the third is two-and-a-half pages, plus a few notes at the bottom of page 2. Three envelopes also are present. SALE PRICE through 31 December 2019 (was $500). **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order.
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Fluxus newspaper complete. V TRE 1-11, original copies, 1964 to 1979

Maciunas, George. Brecht, George, et al. Watts, Robert. Seagull, Sara. Fluxus Editorial Board The Fluxus newspaper, complete in 11 original issues. No. 1. Fluxus ccV TRE Edited by George Maciunas and Fluxus Editorial Board, for Fluxus. January 1964. 4 pp. Printed in black on newsprint that has been conserved, flattened, and stabilized. 23 x 18 in. (full folded size) / 58.4 x 45.7 cm. A uniform light-brown color. No. 2. Fluxus ccV TRE Fluxus. Edited by George Brecht and Fluxus Editorial Council for Fluxus. February 1964. 4 pp. Printed in black on newsprint. 55.9 x 45.8 cm (full folded size) / 22 x 18 in. Folded in four. this copy has not received the loving care of my excellent conservator, Karen Zukor of Oakland, but I will send it to her for treatment at my expense upon request of the buyer. No. 3. Fluxus cc Valise e TRanglE. No. [3]. Edited by Fluxus Editorial Council. March 1964. 4 pp. 22.5 x 17.5 in. (full folded size) / 57.4 x 44.7 cm. This exceptional copy is printed in black on off-white wove paper with only the slightest touch of browning in the bottom margin. The original edition was on newsprint, like the other early issues, but Maciunas also printed a few copies on better white paper. This is one of those copies. Identifying these special copies became difficult in 1975 when Flash Art and King Kong International of Milan reprinted the first 9 issues with the newsprint numbers also on white paper. Which is which? First, the reprint is slightly different in size: 57.8 x 43.6 cm. A side-by-side comparison provides far more telling evidence. Dark areas in this copy have clearly defined gradations from medium gray to dark gray and black. The same areas in the reprint are a muddy black, like a bad copy photograph. Presumably, the reprint was made from newsprint originals that could not hope to reproduce the photographic images. No. 4. Fluxus cc fiVe ThReE. June 1964. 4 pp. printed in black on newsprint that has been conserved, flattened from the original sixe folded for mailing, and stabilized. The upper half of the front cover is darker from exposure than the rest. No. 5. Fluxus Vacuum TRapEzoid No. 5, March, 1965.4 pp. Printed on brown wrapping paper and folded in two to page size. 55.9 x 43.2 cm / 22 x 17 in. Two diagonal creases at bottom right corner. No. 6. Fluxus Vaudeville TouRnamEnt No. 6. July 1965. 4 pp. Printed in black on greenish-brown paper. Folded in 4 for mailing. 56 x 43.3 cm (unfolded to page size) / 22 x 17 in. No. 7. Fluxus 3 newspaper eVenTs for the pRicE of $1. Number 7. February 1, 1966. Red-orange variant. 4 pp. Printed in black on red-orange paper (the same paper as no. 8), instead of the usual pale green paper. Proof copy never folded for mailing. 56 x 43.4 cm / 22 x 17 in. Very slight creasing at fold and upper front corner. Together with a copy of the standard issue on pale green paper, folded for mailing. No 8. Fluxus Vaseline sTREet. Fluxus No. 8. May 1966. 4 pp Printed in black on red-orange paper. Folded in 4 for mailing. 56.9 x 43 cm (unfolded to page size) / 22 x 17 in. No. 9. John Yoko & Flux. 1970. Proof. Flat, unfolded & untrimmed. The ninth issue of the Fluxus newspaper. Printed in black on both sides of white paper. 58.4 x 88.9 cm / 23 x 35 in. Normally folded in eighths to about 27.7 x 22 cm / 11 x 8-3/4 in. No text except the title. A little creasing and damage at top edge, including missing sliver of paper 25 x 3 mm.Together with:No. 8 [i.e., no. 9]. All photographs copyright ninety seVenty by peTer mooRE. A list of all the 123 photographs on John, Yoko & Flux. Printed in black on both sides of paper. 51.4 x 15.2 cm / 20.25 x 6 in. Two copies included, one on light green paper, the other on dark blue. Both flat and unfolded. No. 10. Fluxus MaciuNAS V TRE FLUXUS laudatio scriPTa pro GEoRge. Edited by Robert Watts and Sara Seagull and Fluxus Editorial Council for Fluxus. May 2, 1976. 4 pp. Printed in black on white paper and folded in half crosswise. 58.4 x 44.5 cm. / 23 x 17.5 in. No. 11. a V TRE Extra. Maciunas Dies. Hart attack kills him at summer palace. No. 11. Saturday, March 24, 1979. 16 pp. Printed in black on white paper. About 38 x 29 cm / 15 x 11.5 in. Laid in: List of Illustrations. Printed in black on tan paper, unfolded. 14.8 x 13.2 cm / 37.7 x 5.25 in Ref: Fluxus Codex, pp. 92-101. **Free domestic or international shipping with direct order.