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The New York Restaurant Explorers Club. Large Collection of mainly New York Restaurant Menus from 1941. (83 Pieces)

41 x 31 cm. Wooden boards with engraved title to the head, with mounted illustration and "Club 41" on the awning of the front board illustration. Two names also engraved into the boards at the foot, [R.] [L.] Finlayson, and R. E. Knight?, with ES monogram carved into the rear board, dated 1941. Collects 77 menus from restaurants and bars, mostly in New York and 6 loose menus from Chicago and Montreal, totaling 83 pieces. Investigated a few of these, not all, some are quite interesting, others a little plain, some with quite nice designs, or nicely illustrated. One highlight is the menu from 'Cafe Society," the first racially integrated nightclub, this one is a fine and bright copy except hole-punched, like the rest of the menus here. Menus are all hole-punched and the book is held together by thick green string. Menus included: el chico, Fusco, Starlight Rooks - Waldorf Astoria, Harvey, Promenade Cafe, Libby's Oyster House, Pranzo S. S. Roma (June 1938), Gaston: A la Bonne Soupe Restaurant, Seaboard Cafe & Restaurant, Lee Chumley (Iconic Bar), The White Turkey, Cafe Society, Sweets Restaurant (N.Y. Oldest Seafood Rest.), La Chaumiere, Alhambra Coffee House-1941, Claremont, Cavanaghs, Farrish's Chophouse-1941, Russian Kretchma - Wine List, Peter's Backyard, Hotel Occidental, Hotel Lafayette -1941, The Polish Restaurant, House of Lombard Wines (Handwritten), Barney's Steak House, The Old Roumanian, La Cremaillere (just folder), Le Champignon-1941, El Patio, Hanover Square Restaurant Co., St. Moritz on the Park, Suerker's Restaurant, Tosca Restaurant, Howard Johnson, Ann Heuser-Busch (St. Louis), Marnels, Son of the Sheik Rest., Wivel, The White Turkey Town House (not menu-info.), Gage & Tollner's Inc. (1950?), Clara May Downey's "Olney Inn", Maison Maurice Raviol, Inc., Castleholm, Nom Yuen, Ye Olde Chop House, Boards Head English Chop House (1941), Trader Post Restaurant, Escargot Rest., Leones, Marta, Netherland Club of New York Luncheon, Gripsholm Rest., Daruma, Andre's, O'Donnell's Sea Grill, Havana Madrid, The Curb Exchange, Random printed menu (no name - behind ye olde chophouse), and loose S.S. Roma menu (1938), ships routine, The Shaker Tavern, Chez Pierre - Montreal, Chez Stien - Montreal, and Gibby's- Chicago.