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Theoritikon, sau, Privire, Kuprinzatoare, a Meshteshugului Musikiei Bisericheshti, dupaashazamintul Sistimii cheii noao : akum intieshi data Typarit in zilile Pre Luminatului, shi Pre Inaltsatului nostru Domn, Io Grigorie Dimitrie Gika, Voevo

A Romanian translation of the Theoritikon, the foundational work on Eastern Orthodox chant following the reform of 1814 by Greek Orthodox scholars Chrysanthos von Madytos, Gregorios Lampadarios, and Churmuzios Chartophylax. As the original text seems to be prohibitively rare (I could not find any copies of it), this Romanian edition published in Vienna appears to be the best source for the new Byzantine musical technique. The place of printing itself is interesting, as Vienna was a melting pot at this period of different ethnic groups, and many different nationalities set up their own printing presses in this diverse city. The translator, Macarie Ieromonahul, was trained in the Bucharest school of sacred music by Petru Efesiu, a pioneer in introducing the new system into the Romanian episcopal sees. Macarie wrote his own texts systematizing, mapping and promoting the neo-Byzantine approach in the late 1810s. The large-format plates are executed in fine lithography and show the elements of the notation (scales, etc.) systematically according to the new system. Our copy does not include the plates 1 and 3 (of 6), but the presence of any plates at all seems to vary from copy to copy. Printed in red and black in Romanian Cyrillic. 4to (23 x 18cm), [ii], 30pp. Includes four large folding plates (numbers 2, and 4-6). Toned, a few spots to text and plates, small inner marginal stain to second leaf. Bound in contemporary half calf over marbled boards. [Bibliografia Româneasca Veche, 1508-1830. Bd. 3, S. 425-427, Nr 1185. Durstmüller I, 219. MGG2, VII, 1116 u. 1139. New Grove XXI, 584.]
book (2)
book (2)

Adversus Synodi Tridentinae restitutionem seu continuationem, a Pio IIII. Pontifice indictam, opposita gravamina.Pro defensione Syncerae & Orthodoxae Religionis, proposita primum in Naoburgico.E Germanico in Latinum conversa a D. Laurentio Tuppio.

The first Latin edition of a work written against the Council of Trent and published in the aftermath of the Council of Naumburg held in 1561. The purpose of the Naumberg Council was to bring about unity among the various Protestant denominations which had multiplied and moved further apart since the time of Luther; in addition, the Council responded to the Council of Trent's doctrine and reaffirmed its commitment to the doctrines of the Augsburg Confession of 1530. Most of the book responds to and refutes Catholic principles and dogmas point by point. An interesting appendix in the work, taken from the Catholic publication 'Taxa Sacrae Poenitentiariae, is a list of indulgences with their object and price. Although Pope Pius IV held out hope that the Protestants of Germany would return to the Catholic Church and accept the Tridentine decrees, the Council of Naumberg, summed up in the work offered here, made it clear that this would not happen. A German edition must have preceded this one as there is a translator mentioned on the title-page, but I could not find a copy of the German edition in any bibliographical records. Large 8vo (20.5 x 14.5cm), [xiv], 470pp., [xlii]. A few marginal repairs on title-page, ownership stamp and small stain to title, other light damp-stains occasionally touching margins throughout, extensive antique marginalia. Bound in near-contemporary blind-tooled calf with lozenges on covers and border designs, binding with some wear.