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Manuscript on Vellum, Signed

Ottoboni, Leonardo, Grand Chancellor of Venice (Leonardus Octobonus) Single page of vellum, 12 by 16 inches, folded and with cuts along two margins to seal the page. Five lines of manuscript, the first two in Latin, then two in Italian, and the last in Latin, identifying Marino di Carvallo as the Venetian Ambassador appointed by the Doge of Venice to the King of France, Henry IV of Navarre. Signed at the end in Latin "Leonardus Octobonus" for the Council of Ten. He later held the post of Grand Chancellor of Venice. "Marino Gramani, Doge of Venice, sends greetings and affection to the Most Christian King through our noble and wise, faithful and beloved, Ambassador, Marino di Cavallo." It then references the decision of the Council of Ten, the Venetian Governing Body, and finishes with "Dated in the Ducal Palace, this 4th day of April.1601." The Doge, Marino Gremani, antagonized Pope Paul IV by trying two priests under Venetian, not canon, law, to which the Pope responded by placing Venice under Interdict. The Ottoboni were an aristocratic Venetian family which provided Venice with more than one Chancellor, and ultimately produced Pope Alexander VIII. Marino de Caballo was also from an aristocratic Venetian family and was a noted physician as well as an Ambassador, who believed that the most important aspect of his job was to provide an excellent chef and fine food. Finally, Henry IV of Navarre, a Huguenot, ruler of Navarre as Henry III, secured the throne of France by converting to Catholicism: "Paris is worth a Mass." Five years later he signed the Edict of Nantes, the landmark drecree granting religious tolerance to Protestants and which helped end the Wars of Religion. .
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