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A Collection of Sci-Fi PBO's, Einstein Intersection, Wanderer, Myriad Ways, Neutron Star, Hole in Space, Private Cosmos, Maker of Universes, Space Merchants, Last Castle, Anti-Man, Spacemen Beware, Mind Switch, Ballad of Beta-2, Four for Tomorrow

Delany, Leiber, Niven, Farmer, Pohl, Kornbluth, Vance, Koontz, Anderson, Knight, Zelazny Various, Ace, Ballantine, Paperback Library, Berkeley Medallion First Editions (first printings). A collection of 14 volumes, each a Science Fiction paperback original (published in paperback as the first book publication -- prior to any hardcover editions). Each has been SIGNED by the author. The books are: Samuel R. Delany - The Einstein Intersection (Ace), Fritz Leiber - The Wanderer (Ballantine), Larry Niven - All the Myriad Ways (Ballantine), Larry Niven - Neutron Star (Ballantine), Larry Niven -- A Hole in Space (Ballantine), Philip Jose Farmer - A Private Cosmos (Ace), Philip Jose Farmer -- The Maker of Universes (Ace), Frederick Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth -- The Space Merchants (Ballantine), Jack Vance -- The Last Castle (Ace), Dean R. Koontz -- Anti-Man (Paperback Library), Poul Anderson -- Let the Spacemen Beware (Ace), Damon Knight -- Mind Switch (Berkeley Medallion), Samuel R. Delany -- The Ballad of Beta-2 (Ace), and Roger Zelazny -- Four for Tomorrow (Ace). Hugo and Nebula Award winners included in this group. The volumes are Fine (with a couple of Near Fine exceptions) -- uncreased spines and sharp corners. Each book has been signed by the author but for A Private Cosmos (which is signed by Farmer and artist Jack Gaughan), The Space Merchants (which is signed solely by Pohl) and Four for Tomorrow (which is signed by Zelazny and artist Jack Gaughan). Sold as a set.. Signed by Author. 1st Edition. Soft Cover. Fine/No Jacket.
  • $1,500
  • $1,500