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VÝTVARNÁ VÝCHOVA. Sborník pro uzité umení

VÝTVARNÁ VÝCHOVA. Sborník pro uzité umení, kreslení a zrakovou výchovu.

Josef Vydra, Ladislav Sutnar, Karel Herain, eds. Oblong octavo 15x21 cm., four numbers per year. Vytvarna Vychova (Art Education, Anthology of Artwork, Design and Visual Training) was a series of books issued from 1935 to 1944 in four numbers per year. Each number holds 56 pages of instructions, lessons, and discussion of art and design principles, with copious illustrations throughout, many in color. Edited by Josef Vydra (1884-1959) artist, ethnologist, art theorist. Vydra was an art educator of first magnitude working in Bratislava and Brno. He teamed with legendary Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976) who had longtime interests in art education, toys and crafts as learning tools, and Karel Herain (1890-1953), art historian and Curator of the Decorative Arts Museum (Umeleckoprumyslové Muzeum) in Prague to assemble some of the best minds and talents of Czechoslovakia and beyond to produce a series of ideas and practicalities in visual design. Contributors included Zdenek Rossmann, Antonín Heythun, Ernst Kállai, L'udovit Fulla, Mikulas Galanda, Ladislav Zak, Fernand Léger, Jan Tschichold, Zdenek Pesánek, V.V. Stech, Karel Capek, Sutnar and Vydra among many others--- artists, teachers and designers, historians and theorists--- whose names cited above reflect the highest quality of imparting artistic skills to students, young and old. All manner of a fine and industrial arts curriculum will be found in these pages, from painting, drawing, sculpture, drafting, furniture design and making, toys (a Sutnar specialty), photography and film, graphic art and design, crafts, etc., -- in short, what engages the eyes, hands, and tools for creation and production. The quality of care and attention to all areas of visual art that are found here is a testimony to the variegated, thriving culture in interwar Czechoslovakia that engaged so much of the population. The present collection includes 29 of the 40 numbers published: 1935 Year I 1-4 (complete) 1936 Year II 1-4 (complete) 1937 Year III 1-2,4; 1938 Year IV 2-4; 1939 Year V 1-2, 4; 1940 Year VI 1, 1941 Year VII 1,3; 1942 Year VIII 1; 1943 Year IX 1-4 (complete) 1944 Year X 1-4.(complete) Further details furnished on request. This is a sheer delight of invention and visual learning. Very uncommon, with OCLC finding only one partial holding in North America (Virginia Museum of Fine Art). Copies very good to fine, some near new.
Styl. Mesicnik pro architekturu

Styl. Mesicnik pro architekturu, umelecke remeslo. Mensuelle d’architecture, des arts aplique, et d’esthetique de ville.

Zdenek Wirth, Otakar Novotny, Pavel Janak, Vilem Dvorak, Bohumil Hubschmann inter alia Quartos, generally 30x23 cm., bound and in wrappers, various paginations. Editors include Zdenek Wirth, Otokar Novotný, Pavel Janák, Vilém Dvorák inter alia. All the editorial staff throughout its life were working architects. From its inception, Styl was a major architecture and design journal, engaging the pioneering architects of the Secessionist and Czech Cubist period through Rondo-cubism, experimental trials and into Functionalism. The first years of Styl were based on the Secessionist and early experiments of Cubist design. The first year is a sumptuous production, with metallic color lithographs and tissue guards on all full-page illustrations and photographs printed on heavy paper. As time went on it had to curtail these luxury elements due to financial considerations. Edited and later published by the Společnost architektu v Praze (Society of Architects in Prague), it maintained a superior standard of discourse and analysis of the work presented on its pages. The members of the Society were the classic designers from the Secessionist and Cubist eras (Gočár, Novotný, Janák, Kotěra, Plečnik, Chochol, etc., many of them students of Otto Wagner), all individuals of unique talents whose work, supported by sumptuous commissions, bestowed a rich legacy which contributed to make Prague a capital city of architecture and design. Eventually with an ageing Functionalist editorial staff and chronically short of funds, Styl met the same fate as its fellow Czech design journals Stavitel, Stavba and Architekt SIA; by 1939 they had all amalgamated into the single publication of the day, Architektura. The present collection is all published. The Year I (1908/09) contains several inserts, including an important statement by Artel as a broadsheet, a highly collectible item in its own right. Both it and Year II (1910, extremely rare in itself) are boxed in elegant, Secessionist casings with ties as a deluxe edition holding the issues in original wrappers. They are both Ex-Libris Marie Fischerová-Kvechová (1892-1984), Czech impressionist and children's book illustrator. Several annuals are the publisher's cloth release, a few are in private bindings and the rest are in the original wrappers; Year XVIII is unbound, with front covers and inserts, slipcased. OCLC locates three institutional holdings in North America, all partial (Columbia, Getty, Art Inst Chicago); the Beinecke at Yale holds a complete set. The full set of all published is rarely encountered. All issues in very good to fine condition. More information and photos available on request.