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The Further Inquiry (Signed by Ken Kesey, et al.)

Ken Kesey Very Fine First Edition in like dust jacket of the late author’s typically eccentric, completely whacky and wholly entertaining reexamination of the Merry Pranksters’ 1964 voyage in the psychedelic bus they named The Further. In fact, the book is a marvellous meditation on the sixties and, in particular, the ‘trial’ of the spirit of the famous — or infamous, depending upon one’s point of view — Neal Cassady, the Dean Moriarty character in On the Road and the character whom Kesey called ‘the father of us all’. Book contains more than 150 previously unpublished photos by Ron “Hassler” Bevirt. A wonderful collector’s copy signed by Kesey as well as the following. Chet Helms, Janis Joplin’s producer and friend, one of the two premier San Francisco promoters and founder of The Family Dog (who inscribed it “ I missed the bus“) Paul Krassner (co-founder in 1968 of the Yippies or Youth International Party, political street theatre, father of the of the famed underground press, Merry Prankster, founder/publisher of investigative journalism/satirical magazine The Realist; Mountain Girl (Ken Kesey’s lover, ardent Merry Prankster, & Jerry Garcia’s wife of many years – real name Carolyn Adams); Wavy G[ravy], founder of the Hog Farm Commune & major Counterculture poet; Eileen Kaufman, wife of Beat poet Bob Kaufman; George Walker; Merry Prankster Ken Babbs, Kesey’s best friend & right-hand man – they were inseparable; and Merry Prankster Pat Monahan. Also, on the rear endpaper, Wavy G signed again with the inscription: They say Kesey’s dead but never trust a prankster even underground.