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The Caine Mutiny

WOUK, HERMAN. First Edition. Basis for the great 1954 film of the same title. A near fine copy in a first issue, generally presumed second state, 'City Boy'dust jacket, which is very good or a little better. This is nearly always incorrectly referred to as a second issue. Clearly, those copies of the jacket mentioning the Pulitzer Prize are later, more likely to be later printings rather than later issues (a jacket 'issue' would have been supplied on first printings of the book. Possibly? Yes. Likely? No.). However, it appears to this cataloguer that the attribution of 'The City Boy' as opposed to 'City Boy' on the back panel preceding relies on conjecture and supposition, a belief apparently based on those copies noting the Pulitzer Prize dropping 'The.' This conclusion is possible, even logical, but hardly definitive. It is useful to keep in mind that publishers had and have little reason to consider the future concerns of bibliographers. Publishing practice and the demands of commerce do not necessarily follow logic closely. One thing is certain however: these are variants, and another thing appears equally true: copies with 'The City Boy' are scarcer. A valid, but self-serving bit of advice suggests the wisdom of acquiring both. A late friend admired bibliography as a great amateur academic pursuit. That noted, neither amateurs nor professionals are immune to jumping to conclusions. Here endeth the lesson, but probably not the headaches. All books described as first editions are first printings unless otherwise noted.