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Lake Michigan to Puget Sound

Lake Michigan to Puget Sound, Electrically Through the Rockies, Bitter Root and Cascade Mountains, along the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.

Railrod Guidebook] . A Fine copy in original envelope with wear. This particular booklet has hand-colored photos (at least one of which is based on a black-and-white photo by Asahel Curtis) along with a couple pages of text and a Milwaukee Road route map. The photos, nearly all of which show pictures of Milwaukee trains in scenic locations, are printed on white paper glued onto one side of a much cheaper grade of paper; so this 52-page booklet has just 23 photos including the one on the cover. This scenic guidebook/souvenir of a longago railway trip from Lake Michigan through the mountain passes to the State of Washington and Mt. Rainier National Park. Color illustrations in the book were made expressly for the book from photos taken by special artists. There is narrative about the route accompanying the photos. Photos are 6 x 9 inches, each individually mounted onto the page and with captions. Some of the photos include: steamboat in the jaws of the Dells of the Wisconsin River, The Olympian on Short Line Bridge between St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota, Missouri River bridge at Mobridge, S. Dakota, the world's mightiest electric locomotive, Montana canyons, crossing the Missouri River at Lombard, Montana, Bitter ROot Mountains in Idaho, crossing the Spokane River, bridge over the Columbia River at Beverly, Washington, Kittitas Valley in Washington, Lake Keechelus, Washington, Kendall's Peak - Washington, Snoqualmie Falls - Washingotn, Inn at Paradise, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Rainier and others.