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Theocriti Syracusii Quae Supersunt. Cum scholiis Græcis auctioribus

Theocriti Syracusii Quae Supersunt. Cum scholiis Græcis auctioribus, emendationibus et animadversionibus in scholia editoris et Joannis Toupii, glossis Selectis Ineditis, indicibus Amplissimis. Præmittuntur editoris dissertatio de bucolicis Græcorum, vita Theocriti a Josua Barnesio Scripta, Cum Nonnullis Aliis Auctariis. Accedunt Editoris Et Variorum Notae Perpetuae, epistola Joaniis Toupii de Syracusiis, ejusdem addenda in Theocritum, Necnon Collationes Quindecim Codicum. Edidit Thomas Warton, S. T. B. Coll. Ss. Trin. Socius, Nuper Poeticae Publicus.

Theocritus (Thomas Warton, Jacques St-Amand, and Jean Toup, editors) Two volumes, complete. A STUNNING, LARGE, ELEGANTLY-BOUND SET OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EDITION OF THEOCRITUS, AND ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EDITIONS EVER TO BE PRODUCED BY THE CLARENDON PRESS. iv, lxx, 2, 316; iv, 416 (complete). 29 x 24 cm. Edited by Thomas Warton, with notes by Jean Toup. Beautifully printed on fine laid paper in Greek, Roman, and Italic types. From the library of French antiquarian bookseller and bookplate expert Jacques Laget, with his bookplates. 4tos. Elegantly bound in contemporary full polished calf, spines richly gilt in six compartments with fleurons, covers decorated in gilt, all edges marbled, silk ribbon page markers. Tiny traces of wear to bindings, else FINE AND BRIGHT. Moss II, pp. 692-693: "This I consider, upon the whole, the third best book which has ever issued from the Clarendon Press. It is, says Harwood, 'a very splendid edition, and, after a careful perusal, I can pronounce it as correct as it is splendid.'" A WONDERFUL SET, IN ALMOST PERFECT CONDITION.
Difesa del dominio de conti Della Gherardesca sopra la signoria di Donoratico

Difesa del dominio de conti Della Gherardesca sopra la signoria di Donoratico, Bolgheri, Castagneto. & & raccomandata alla protezione della real corona di Toscana [with] Confutazione delle scritture fatte a difesa del preteso dominio dei conti della Gherardesca sopra Castagneto, Bolgheri, e Donoratico che erroneamente diconsi raccomandati alla Real Corte di Toscana, e dimostrazione evidente dei diritti sovrani di Sua Altezza Reale il Serenissimo Arciduca Granduca nostro signore in quei tre castelli.

Migliorotto Maccioni and Ippolito Scaramucci (Dante) Two works in three volumes, complete. The first work (in two volumes) is an exhaustive history of the Gherardesca family, written in order to establish that family's nobility and rights. This first work includes the rare second volume, an extensive compendium of documentation with four engraved plates. The second work (one volume) is a rebuttal. The most famous member of the family in question, of course, was Ugolino della Gherardesca, a traitor immortalized by Dante in Inferno XXXII-III, where he eternally chews on the head of Archbishop Ruggieri, who had imprisoned him in a tower without food until he ate the bodies of his children. xv, 615; 1, 317, 18 + four engraved plates (one folding); XLII, 135, 18, 2, 27. Printed on fine laid paper. Elaborate engraved title-page in first volume. Large 4to. First work bound in vellum-backed decorated boards. Light wear to bindings, and some soiling to spine, but structurally perfect. Second work bound in recent cloth. Internally, both works are FINE AND BRIGHT, with no defects. COMPLETE SETS ARE EXTREMELY RARE.