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Photo Album of a Voyage from Guernsey to Alderney

photo album] Contemporary full black morocco, simple ruled border with red floral cornerpiece decoration, "Alderney 1925" stamped in gilt on upper board; oblong, 205 x 148 mm; contains 68 original sepia photographs (150 x 100 mm), mounted to the recto and verso of every page (black leaves), with handwritten captions in white ink. Some scuffing along spine and edges of boards -- but, meh, who cares?! Record of a holiday taken by (it seems) a fairly wealthy family of six, including their young son, as they embark on a passenger ship (S. S. Larina, Southampton) to cross to Guernsey and then Alderney. Photographs are lovely -- nicely composed, exposed, and printed -- of the boat, the harbour, their hotel, street scenes, landscapes, and group portraits. The sense of humour that comes across in their group portraits is also apparent in the captions, which -- more than simple labels of names and places -- offer up a charming narrative of their journey. "Sometimes we lunch here" (image of the group on a beach), "and sometimes here" (the group sprawled in the grass, alongside a castle), "and then we sleep" (the group flopped in the sand with the rocky beach behind them). They go on excursions to the links, to bathe, to Fort Corblets, the Cromlechs, to a cricket match, and they visit friends. They return to Guernsey, thence home via Netley (to what appears to be a rather lavish house). Photographs are in excellent condition, suitable for display, and offer beautiful views of both place and costume. A most charming travelogue.