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Souvenir De Voyage 1895-1899


Souvenir De Voyage 1895-1899

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A lovely album, containing 74 large original photographs from five trips. These are Berlin 1895, French alps & Nancy in 1896, Trier in 1897, Interlaken and the Swiss Alps in 1898 and the Tirol in 1899. The photographs were purchased from prominent commercial photographers of the time. The French photographs are largely from ND Phot, the Swiss from Schroeder & Cie of Zurich and Edition Photoglob. The majority of the prints are either albumen or early silver gelatin prints. As the early silver gelatin were so similar to albumen it is difficult to tell. There are a number of colourised prints. Most of the prints are quite large, with quite a few as large as 21cm x 27.5cm Most are printed one to a page, but a couple of the smaller prints are printed two to a page. One of the images is a double / folding photograph. Album size 27cm x 36cm
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A Travel Photograph Album Of England

A Travel Photograph Album Of England, Germany, South Tyrol And Austria

ANON] A lovely large format photograph album of a tour of England and Wales in 1893. There was also a tour of Bavaria, Salsburg and Innsbruck in 1895. The album starts in 1893 and has 38 photographs (mostly Albumen) of England and Wales. These are mostly large (24cm x 32cm) images. There are some smaller (18.5 cm x 23.5cm). They appear to be commercially purchased photographs. There are also a further 9 smaller (17cm x 22cm and 12cm x 18cm) images of cottages with descriptions on the back. These seem to be personally taken photographs? The trip began with the Needles on the Isle of Wight, (24cm x 32cm) and continued with similar photographs of the Isle of Wight, Tennyson's house, Southsea & Portsmouth, Tintern Abbey. The tour then moved on to Wales, and there are photographs of North and South Wales, with quite a few of Betws-y-coed, and some bridges in the area. The trip moved on to Chester, with a number of photographs of Eaton House in Chester, and Hatfield house. A second part of the album covers a trip in 1895, comprising 23 photographs of Bavaria, Salzburg and Innsbruck. The photographs are all of good condition, still bright, with a touch of fading only. A few have light creasing, or the odd tear where they have come away from the album at some point, but overall a very presentable and attractive album of English and European topography from the 1890's. The album itself is black buckram with leather spine and corners. There is some rubbing to the boards, and some scuffing. A tape repair (with black tape) to the spine. The album measures 37cm x 45 cm. The photographs have hand written annotations below describing the view. There is some staining to the inside boards of the album and a few of the cardboard backing sheets are wavy, but this doesn't really affect the photographs.
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