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In Between [FINE COPY]

Bourdin, Guy Steidldangin, 2010. Hardcover in pictorial boards. First Edition, First Printing. 272 pages with numerous photographic images throughout. BOOK CONDITION: Fine; a tight, clean copy with light shelf wear to covers incliuding hints of wear to the extremities (looks great in new clear mylar protector). Guy Bourdin's fashion photography placed him at the vanguard of fashion photography in the second half of the twentieth century; today he is hailed as one of the finest fashion photographers of the twentieth century. From his first provocative editorial feature in 1955, which pictured haute couture alongside butchered cow heads, Bourdin pushed fashion photography into then-uncharted territory with his volatile mixture of violence, sex and surrealism. In Between delves into Bourdin's career, charting the course of his artistic development from the 1950s to the 1980s via over 200 superbly printed black-and-white and color images. It also reassembles many original editorial layouts as they were first published, in magazines such as French Vogue, British Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, offering a new critical contexts for approaching his work-for Bourdin tailored his compositions to the constraints of the printed page, both conceptually and graphically, and the mirror motif famously central to his work finds its formal counterpart in the magazine spread. In Between was conceived and edited by Shelly Verthime, whose unflagging devotion and research have resulted in an unprecedented familiarity with the photographer's oeuvre, and is the second publication in Steidldangin's Guy Bourdin library (A Message For You, published in 2006, explored the author's collaboration with model and muse Nicolle Meyer). This book celebrates a talent whose posthumous fame continues to grow and grow.

Mexico Masks Rituals [SIGNED – 2019 1ST EDITION & 1ST PRINTING – FINE COPY]

Galembo, Phyllis; Bianco, Sergio; Otis, George Radius Books, 2019. Hardcover in pictorial dust jacket. First Edition, First Printing. 196 pages with 120 photographic images throughout. SIGNED by Phyllis Galembo on the titlepage.BOOK CONDITION: Fine;a solid, tight, clean copy in a Fine dust jacket. SIGNED The acclaimed photographer of African masks turns her lens to the astounding mask cultures of MexicoSince 1985, photographer Phyllis Galembo has traveled extensively to photograph sites of ritual dress in Africa and the Caribbean. In her latest body of work, collected in this new publication, Galembo turns to Mexico, where she captures cultural performances with a subterranean political edge. Using a direct, unaffected portrait style, Galembo captures her subjects informally posed but often strikingly attired in traditional or ritualistic dress. Masking is a complex tradition in which the participants transcend the physical world and enter the spiritual realm. Masks, costumes and body paint transform the human body and encode a rich range of political, artistic, theatrical, social and religious meanings on the body. In her vibrant color photographs, Galembo highlights the artistry of the performers, how they use materials from their immediate environment to morph into a fantastical representation of themselves and an idealized vision of a mythical figure. In a gorgeous, fascinating photographic survey of Mexico’s masking practices, Galembo captures her subjects suspended between past, present and future, with their religious, political and cultural affiliations their personal and collective identifications displayed on their bodies.


Metinides, Enrique Ridinghouse. 2003. Hardcover in pictorial boards. First Edition, First Printing. Text in Spanish and English. 134 pages with 73 photos. Text: Geoff Dyer, Nestor Garcia Canclini, Gabirel Kuri. Often cited as the Mexican Wegee, this rare monograph showcases Enrique Metinides's famous photographs of crime, accidents and disaster in and around Mexico City. BOOK CONDITION: Fine; a solid, tight, clean copy showing hints of rubbing to covers and a small tap totop rear corner (not affectingany pages). Metinides worked as a crime photographer from 1948 to his forced retirement in 1997, taking thousands of images and following hundreds of stories in and around Mexico City such as crime scenes, car crashes and natural catastrophes. His work was principally published in the "nota roja" (literally "red news" because of bloody images), sections and event whole journals characterized by crude text and sensationalist photography dealing with violence and death. The success of these publications in Mexico and other parts of Latin America is due to a cultural obsession with death, one difficult to understand from the outside. Sometime after his retirement, his work began to be appreciated on their own merit and artistic value, being exhibited in Mexico, the United States and Europe. From 2011 to 2013, a collection of 101 photographs selected by the photographer toured Europe and the Americas under the name of the "101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides." The photos have also been published as a book with the same title, with extended captions and a biography of Metinides.

Stage [2013 1ST EDITION & 1ST PRINTING 1/1000- FINE COPY]

Shen Chao-Liang Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2013. Hardcover in pictorial dust jacket housed in printed black cardboard slipcase. First Edition, First Printing. Limited Edition of only 1000 copies. 63 pages with numerous color photographic images throughout. BOOK CONDITION: Fine; a solid, tight, cleancopy in a Fine dust jacket and Fine slipcase. In making the STAGE series a new branch in the visual creation of documentary photography, while embodying contemporary photography in Taiwan, I have gradually moved towards using view cameras targeting at the current cultural and social reality for in-depth creative interpretations in the form of direct photography, instead of the exhaustive emphasis on abstract concepts in the past highlighting the use of compound medium and high reliance on digital generated techniques. After factoring in my professional conditions and specialty, hoping to display the otherworldly scenes diffusing colors, totems, lights, and the ambience between the stage trucks and the surrounding, and visually re-creating the dreamy and colorful feel, I decided to set the universal time for shooting at sunset evenings, using only 4x5 color reversal films. As for the presentation of the STAGE series mostly a no man s landscape incorporating the surrounding environment I want to bring out the presence of stage trucks, of their existence in the plebeian society, a strong contrast against the reality indescribable beyond words, while seeking to break away from the visual expression and form of traditional documentary approach by trending towards a newfangled contemporary mode that seamlessly integrates environmental portraits, visual grouping and category construction. The present collection is the selected compilation of photos in the STAGE series in the past 5 years. It is my aspiration to convey this unique Taiwanese industry and the abundant cultural messages it exudes with its dazzling totems and soaring ideas, eliciting people s imaginations and connections to the culture of this peculiar entertainment business, which transcends time and space, bonds the horizontal and vertical, and links the planar and three-dimensional. Through the STAGE series, I also wish to approach Taiwan s contemporary social and cultural landscape from a more traditional and direct style of visual description, fusing modern vocabulary to invite viewers to examine the potential turning points and awareness derived from the development history of contemporary photography in Taiwan.