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VERY RARE EARLY 1830s Steampunk SCIENCE FICTION with an ACCOUNT of a MAN with a STEAM POWERED ROBOTIC ARM that runs amok Early Robot Robotics : Richardson's Rural Songster Or A New Collection of Humorous

VERY RARE EARLY 1830s Steampunk SCIENCE FICTION with an ACCOUNT of a MAN with a STEAM POWERED ROBOTIC ARM that runs amok Early Robot Robotics : Richardson’s Rural Songster Or A New Collection of Humorous, Hunting, Naval, Love, and Comic Songs

Anon Undated, published in Derby by Thomas Richardson, this seems to be an unrecorded chapbook of songs with no copies located on Copac or World Cat Thomas Richardson produced a number of recorded "Songster" titles including "Richardson's Choice Songster" 1834, "Richardson's New London Songster" 1833 "The London Songster" 1838, "Richardson's Universal Songster" 1836 although not dated its probable that this one also dates to the 1830s apart from the apparent scarcity of this particular title, what makes this one particularly interesting is the opening song on the first page titled "The Steam Arm" in which a veteran soldier who lost an arm in "The Battle of Waterloo" has an artificial Steam Powered Arm made, making him possibly the world's first bionic man, and part robot, the mechanical arm runs amok with a life of its own smashing through brick walls etc, he is caught by the police after nearly killing everyone in the immediate vicinity and while being sentence in court the arm knocks the judge out of his seat. A very early account of a steam powered robotic arm, predating Frank Reade and his Steam Man of the Prairies by a good few years and exceedingly scarce and seemingly unrecorded. the book is a small format paperback Chapbook style printing with yellow printed covers measuring 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches approx., running to 12 printed pages, The covers have noticeable staining and creasing wear along with an edge tear with no loss to upper cover, curling to corners on covers, internally old ownership name to inside front cover, some brown staining to top edges of opening couple of pages, some browning and mild creasing, the chapbook is stab sewn, the stitching is broken leaving the centre to pages loose SHOWING OBVIOUS SIGNS OF WEAR AND AGE BUT REMAINS A GOOD ACCEPTABLE EXAMPLE OF THIS EXTREMELY RARE CHAPBOOK WITH ONE OF THE EARLIEST ACCOUNTS OF A ROBOTIC MECHANICAL LIMB Size: 24mo - over 5" - 5¾" tall
Fine German Commonplace Book with Manuscript Handwritten Writings and Fine Original Artwork Drawings by Walter Voltmer at Altona & Hamburg 1883

Fine German Commonplace Book with Manuscript Handwritten Writings and Fine Original Artwork Drawings by Walter Voltmer at Altona & Hamburg 1883

Walter Voltmer &c This is a fine old Geman Commonplace book that was originally started in 1883 and was added to through the Second World War , the main entries finishing around 1948 with eighty used pages, and a number of loosely inserted letters typed and handwritten, and ephemera,includes an original photograph with a hand painted floral border, and sixteen original pieces of art and signed etchings/lithographs the original artwork is of a very high standard, with at least ten of the pieces being by the noted German artist Walter Voltmer Walter E. Voltmer (born February 3, 1884 in Altona near Hamburg , November 13, 1972 in Munich ) was a German landscape painter , book illustrator and graphic artist . Voltmer was born the son of the manufacturer Julius Voltmer and the Alice Voltmer (born Hardman) 1884 in Altona. He was married in the first, later divorced marriage from 1909 with the painter Margarete Gestefeld, with whom he had three children. Also from the second marriage, entered in 1928 with Gertrud von Wolf, three children were born. The student Arthur Siebel ists , who studied both at the Paris Académie Julian and at the Hamburg School of Applied Arts, was in 1905 a private studio. From 1903 to 1905 he was a member of the Hamburg Artists' Club . In both world wars, the drawing teacher of a secondary school (1928-1947) was used as a soldier. The main focus of his works were North German landscapes and Elbe views Voltmer was born in Altona near Hamburg and the many of the entries in the book were made in both Altona and Hamburg, at least ten of the pieces of artwork are by Voltmer, with possibly other pieces as well where the signature is less distinct, these are finely executed pieces poetry entries were the main inclusions in 1880s, with poetry and other writings in the 1940s , at least one of the pieces of artwork reflects the horrors of the war, the entries would suggest that the book was originally owned by a member of the Voltmer family with Walter contributing many entries book is bound in a gold velvet, mohair like cloth, with a fine decorative pierced metal work piece mounted into the cover which looks like its silver, gild page edges and metal closure clasp, measuring 8 inches by 6 inches approx., in very good general condition A FINE OLD GERMAN COMMONPLACE BOOK POSSIBLY ORIGINALLY BELONGING TO A MEMBER OF THE VOLTMER FAMILY WITH MANY PIECES OF ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY NOTED GERMAN ARTIST WALTER VOLTMER Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall
Helen Haywood Original MANUSCRIPT Type Script and Handwritten Notes and Drawings For Her Book " EXPLORING FOSSILS " and a copy of the Printed Book Geology Palaeontology Dinosaurs Trilobites Ammonites etc 1965

Helen Haywood Original MANUSCRIPT Type Script and Handwritten Notes and Drawings For Her Book ” EXPLORING FOSSILS ” and a copy of the Printed Book Geology Palaeontology Dinosaurs Trilobites Ammonites etc 1965

Helen Haywood This is a very nice archive of Helen Haywood's original Manuscript notes and artwork for her book "Exploring Fossils" published in 1965, along with a copy of the published book, the book is aimed at a younger audience and covers the history of palaeontology, the first discoverers of fossils including Mary Anning, Gideon Mantell, Cope & Marsh etc, tracing the evolution of life from the Cambrian, including trilobites, ichthyosaurs, reptiles, fish, dinosaurs etc, with mention of Charles Darwin, William Smith and the first geological map, the archive consists of much of the original artwork used in the book, along with the original painted artwork for the dustjacket design, plus one hundred pages of handwritten notes for the book, and over one hundred and forty pages of typewritten notes, much of the notes and drawings were completed on thin paper, some of which has noticeable creases else in good condition, the accompanying example of the final printed book has mild edge wear to the jacket, old child's ownership inscription to front endpaper, some browning else in good general condition Helen Haywood (1908-1995) was an English writer and illustrator of children's books. She was born in England in 1908 but was taken as a child to Chile, where her father, an engineer, worked on the trans-Andean railway. She remained in Chile until she was approximately 15 years old. Her experiences were recounted in an unpublished novel, "Childhood in Chile." Many of her books were published by Thomas Nelson Ltd through the 1950s and 1960s. She created a series of books based around the character Peter Tiggywig and friends. Other work includes Master Mouse the Madcap (1958), and Animal Playtime and Animal Worktime which appeared in the Look with Mother series, and a paperback series for children published by Nelson including 'Aesop's Fables'(1965) 'Brer Rabbit' and the 'Water Babies' Haywood was also a keen student of science and an amateur naturalist and anthropologist. Many of the books she illustrated for the publisher Hutchinson & Co., London and Odhams, were keenly observed and scrupulously accurate depictions of plants, birds and animals. When commissioned to do illustrations for a children's book on dinosaurs, her research into the skin colours she subsequently chose for her dinosaur illustrations was cited by the Royal Academy of Sciences A UNIQUE MANUSCRIPT ARCHIVE OF NOTES AND DRAWINGS FOR HELEN HAYWOOD'S BOOK ON FOSSILS AND PREHISTORIC LIFE
1920-30 Manuscript Handwritten GAME SHOOTING BOOK Guns Shoots Scotland Scottish & English Hunting Estates and in INDIA

1920-30 Manuscript Handwritten GAME SHOOTING BOOK Guns Shoots Scotland Scottish & English Hunting Estates and in INDIA

Anon This is a fascinating Handwritten "Game Book" recording shoots on Estates in Scotland and England that was in use between the years 1928-1939 the shoots took place at Glenrath in Scotland, just south of the Pentland Hills and Edinburgh, also at Hall Manor, Strichin in Aberdeenshire, Bradfield Hall, Eppingham, Beckham, Reepham in Norfolk, Dalnabreck in Perthshire which was rented for the occasion, as was Craighall Rattray Blairgowrie Kilmartin, Durnie Ross Shire, Telegraph Hill, Worstead, Basing Park, Kent farm, Holly Combe, Rogate Lodge, Sheringham and other Syndicate and Invitation shoots around the country, the shoot days are recorded with what was shot on the day, such as Partridge, Pheasant, Gouse, Hares, Rabbits, Woodcock, Pigeons, Duck etc the amount of Guns, place and people names dates and descriptions of the day shooting, the weather conditions, from snow to frost, high winds, rain, fog and mist, and other anecdotes, bound in full leather with gilt page edges, there are a few pages that record sixteen shoots in India with names of the participants, recording shooting Pheasant, Snipe and Jungle Fowl, but no big game the book measures 10.5 inches by 8 inches approx., bound in a full leather binding with gilt page edges, contains fifty seven used pages along with a number of loosely inserted shoot records the book is signed at the front J.W.T from C.M.T August 1928, with plenty of names of fellow shooters, including Colonels, and Major's from the armed forces, also includes a record of fishing with names and dates etc. A FASCINTATING RECORD OF HUNDREDS OF SHOOTS THAT THE AUTHOR TOOK PART IN DURING THE 1920s-1930s ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND INDIA Size: 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall
MANUSCRIPT BOOK A Selection of Sailing Journeys by Brig

MANUSCRIPT BOOK A Selection of Sailing Journeys by Brig, Sloop and Yawl on the English South Coast Between the Years 1897-1928 Harwich Portsmouth Poole Portland Bill Bridport Torbay Whale island Etc

F. Simmonds This is a fascinating handwritten account of one man's sailing journey's and maritime adventures on-board different vessels between the years 1897-1928 the account starts on Saturday June 19th 1897 with the opening lines, "I left Dorchester by the South Western Railway at 12 o'clock for Stokes Bay via Eastleigh and Fareham, My object being to live on-board Her Majesty's Ship "Seaflower" on which my brother Charles is a Midshipman, for a week, this week to include the great Naval review of 1897 which promises to be on a grand scale the account goes on to describe the weeks adventures in detail the book includes records of further times the author spent on the sea in other vessels, usually hired, at the beginning of each account the ships are described with their specifications, names and type of vessel, etc, well-illustrated with many original photographs, documents and plans, including hiring documents, a 1928 programme for the Royal Harwich Yacht Club for their racing weekend in June. And another document from 1900 for the Corinthian Sailing Club at Bridport giving the estimate for the building of a sailing boat along with the plans places featuring in the accounts are Portsmouth, Poole, Bridport, Torbay, Budleigh Salterton, Portland Bill, Hurst Lighthouse, Whale island, Southampton, the book is d in flexible black leather covered boards, the spine has gone and tape has been used to keep the covers together, measuring 8 inches by 6.25 inches approx., with one hundred and thirty three used pages, a couple of the numbered pages have not been used, the book is divided into two sections, both starting at each end of the book, one running to 71 pages, the other to 62 pages, illustrated with over fifty original photographs, many recording details probably long gone, including Bridport Harbour, The coastal headquarters of the Corinthian sailing club at Bridport, the Harbour Piers, the harbour entrance, Hurst Castle and Lighthouse, Whale island, West Cowes, The River Hamble, Fisherman with a large catch of Pollock, Pin Mill, Hamford Water and much more, a couple of the sections of the book are staring to separate, the folding plans of one of the boats done on a hard tissue type paper has become brittle and separated along the fold lines of all the sections, else in good general condition A FASCINATING HANDWRITTEN ACCOUNT ON ONE MAN'S LEISURE TIME SPENT ON THE SEA IN VARIOUS VESSELS OVER A THIRTY YEAR PERIOD STARTING WITH A WEEK ONBOARD HER MAJESTY'S SHIP "SEAFLOWER" FOR THE GREAT NAVAL REVIEW OF JUNE 1897 COINCIDING WITH THE QUEEN VICTORIA'S DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATING HER 60 YEAR REIGN Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall
Dudley Inventor and Aircraft Engineer Walter ( Wally ) Davies His Hydroglider Airboat Fanboat Hovercraft Scrapbook

Dudley Inventor and Aircraft Engineer Walter ( Wally ) Davies His Hydroglider Airboat Fanboat Hovercraft Scrapbook, Dudley West Midlands Black Country Staffordshire Boat Engineering, Manuscript Book 1921-1970

Walter ( Wally ) Davies This is a fascinating scrapbook kept by Dudley Inventor and Aircraft Engineer Walter ( Wally ) Davies (1891-1972) the scrapbook was started in 1921 kept and was added to up to the year 1970 recording his interest in air powered boats for which he used his knowledge of Aircraft design to design and build a series of "Hydrogliders" ( Airboats ) using aircraft propeller engines mounted on increasingly sophisticated and streamlined craft, designed for speed with very little draught they literally glided on the water surface at speeds up to 60mph, it is a known fact that Donald Campbell based the design of the "Bluebird" on one of Wally's Hydroglider designs. Walter Davies was born in April 1891 in Springmere Dudley, he developed a keen interest in boats and planes from an early age, and began designing and building his own aeroplanes, taking his first flight in his own hand built plane in May 1911 in Cavalry field near the Priory in Dudley to a very large assembled crowd of local people, the flight was a success. He then went on to build his own glider with a 35 foot wingspan. At the outbreak of World War One he joined the flying school at Billesley in Birmingham, and then went on to Bournemouth designing aircraft for the War. Once the war was over he set about designing and building his own Hydrogliders ( Airboats ) taking advantage of the surplus supply of aero engines to utilise them in his ever improving designs for his Air Driven Craft. He tested his Hydrogliders out on the River Severn where he was able to travel at remarkable speeds gliding over the water , often taking long trips up and down the river, much of this was recorded in local newspapers of the day, Wally also wrote his own articles in "The Motor Boat" magazine and other publications. He was also filmed on a number of occasions for Pathe News, some of that footage can now be seen on YouTube. With the help of a wealthy Dudley businessman he obtained the finances to set up his own company producing and manufacturing Hydrogliders for sale to the general public, having a number of different designs available, using his own workshop at his home in Aston Road Dudley, in 1934 he had his own stand at the Olympia Motor Car & Boat Show promoting his Hydroglider ( Airboat ) Company, also having own Hangers to house his craft near the river Severn at Bewdley. Wally also designed much larger passenger carrying Hydrogliders at over 40 feet in length which could carry up to ten people seated in comfort. later in life he had diversified to designing motor boats for a company based in Kingswinford. after his retirement he was a passenger onboard the world's first Hovercoach service operated by British United Airways in 1962 the certificate to prove this is in the scrapbook, also a trip in an early Passenger carrying Hydrofoil craft in 1964, he spent his retirement making models of Hovercraft and ships until his death in 1972 THE SCRAPBOOK his scrapbook charts his work with Hydrogliders right from the beginning in 1921 through till his death with the last article from December 1970, and is packed with newspaper clippings, articles for various magazines, many authored by Wally himself, and dozens of fabulous photographs showing the various long distance river trips, including some great photos at the Ironbridge in Shropshire while taking a passenger Hydroglider on a trip from Bewdley to Shrewsbury, and other photos of the many beautiful streamlined craft designs, also his workshop, his stand at the Motor and Boat Show at Olympia in London, the Davies Hydroglider hangers at Bewdley, etc, accompanied with handwritten notes, the album measures 14 inches by 11 inches approx. and runs to seventy four used pages, and contains over one hundred and twenty photographs, many of them professionally taken shots the album has the used look of a book that was in constant use for nearly fifty years, but is in good solid condition, with some browning and staining

ANCIENT CHESTER A SERIES OF ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE STREETS OF THIS OLD CITY TAKEN SIXTY YEARS SINCE INCLUDING VIEWS OF EDGAR’S CAVE, ST. JOHN’S CHURCH & EATON HALL Drawn and Etched by George & William Bateman & John Musgrove With Preface and Descriptions by Thomas Hughes F.S.A. HON. Sec. Chester Archaeological Society Limited to 300 Copies of Which 100 are on India Paper INDIA PAPER COPY 1880

Thomas Hughes Published in Chester by Minshull and Hughes in 1880 this is one of the limited edition 100 India Paper Proof copies of this scarce large folio book of twenty nine views of the city of Chester, bound in a quarter leather binding with leather title label to upper cover, a large Elephant folio format measuring 18 inches by 13 inches approx., with twenty nine plates along with accompanying text. The binding is rubbed with wear to corners, some spotting to cloth, minor splits to leather else binding is in good solid condition, internally the first text page has a sellotape strengthening repair along inner edges, there are about half a dozen smaller similar repairs to reverse of text page edges (see pictures) but no repairs to the actual plates the book has been collected by a former owner who has ticked off in pencil the plates on the list of plates page and has written the word "complete", I have double checked this and there are 29 plates, but one of Lower Bridge Street has been duplicated meaning another view of the same street has not been bound in, this is an error by the publisher at the time the book was put together some foxing and light browning to page edges else in acceptable condition. this is a large heavy folio volume, overseas shipping will be higher than the basic standard quote Size: Elephant Folio - over 15" - 23" tall
A SHROPSHIRE LAD with Forty Fine Etchings by PIERS BROWNE Limited Edition Large Elephant Folio Handmade Private Press Book Printed & Published by The Shorthorn Press Wensleydale Limited Edition No 4 of 25 Copies only

A SHROPSHIRE LAD with Forty Fine Etchings by PIERS BROWNE Limited Edition Large Elephant Folio Handmade Private Press Book Printed & Published by The Shorthorn Press Wensleydale Limited Edition No 4 of 25 Copies only

A. E. Housman Published at the Shorthorn Press in Wensleydale in 1986 this is one of the Twenty Five handmade copies of the Piers Browne illustrated edition of A. E. Housman's "A Shropshire Lad". Published in a limited edition of only twenty five, this is copy number four signed by Piers Browne. A large elephant folio size measuring 16.5 inches by 13.75 inches approx., bound in full green leather titled in gilt to upper cover and spine, and housed in a handmade slipcase with a hand painted illustration , internally fitted with marbled endpapers, and printed on fine quality handmade paper with deckled edges, Finely illustrated with forty of Piers Browne's etchings, plus the etched title page which is made up of fourteen etched vignette illustrations the etchings range from full page to smaller etchings, plus one large double page scene of The Clun Valley in Shropshire, some in monochrome, but many in vibrant colours the etchings from "A Shropshire Lad" will be well-known to collectors of Piers Browne's work, as a number of the ones used in this book were also sold as limited editions, this book contains many more etchings that were not made available separately the book has to rank as one of the most beautiful books created in this country it's a joy to browse through, either to just admire the stunningly beautiful illustrations, or just to read the classic poetry of Housman When the book was originally published, the twenty five copies sold very quickly, one copy was donated to The National Trust in Shropshire, and it was raffled off, raising £5000.00, the money was used in conservation work on Wenlock Edge because of its very limited numbers, it is very rare to ever find a copy for sale so this is a scarce opportunity to purchase one of these highly sought after copies Piers Browne has produced a few books since this one, some of which are still available directly from the artist, the leather bound issue of his "Sonnets For a Siren" retailing on his website at £4750.00 the slipcase has some light spotting to rear else is in good condition, a few minor spots to the leather, with some very minor knocks else in good condition, internally some creasing to a few of the protective tissue guards, with some foxing spots to the tissue guard protecting the title page, a small area of surface abrasion to a blank area of one page, possibly an original paper fault (pictured) a few minor foxing spots else contents generally nice and clean, the book does have a slight musky odour, but that maybe because it has been left in its slipcase for long periods, this should disappear , there are some effective and quite simple methods of dealing with odours in books that can be found online, this is a very large heavy book, overseas shipping will be quite a bit more than the basic standard quote A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN ONE OF THE LIMITED EDITION COPIES OF THE PIERS BROWNE ILLUSTRATED EDITION OF "A SHROPSHIRE LAD" ILLUSTRATED WITH FORTY FINE ETCHINGS Size: Elephant Folio - over 15" - 23" tall
Cesar Cascabel British First Edition Eighty full page Illustrations

Cesar Cascabel British First Edition Eighty full page Illustrations

JULES VERNE this is the British First edition of this Jules Verne adventure, a tale of a French families epic journey home from California to France across the Bering Straits through Siberia, Russia and Europe meeting with many great dangers on the perilous trip, the book features a pictorial cover titled in gilt to upper cover and spine, page edges gilded all-round internally well illustrated with eighty full page illustrations book has been collated, all eighty illustrations are present, 313 pages plus publishers catalogue dated October 1890. The cover has some general rubbing wear, more noticeably to the spine which has some vertical rubbed creases, some corner bumps, darkening of cloth with some marking, book has a slight lean, internally webbing exposed but binding reasonably firm, some occasional mild foxing spots, some noticeable creased corners, one page (pictured) has some creasing damage with minor loss to top inner corner the illustration at page 269 has been torn in half diagonally, thankfully no previous owner has attempted a repair with sellotape, so this remains largely a clean tear, and the page will go back together reasonably neatly with just some loss to lower page margin affecting a few letters of text (see pictures) the rear publishers catalogue has been printed on cheap paper stock, this has browned and has become brittle with some edge tears and mild loss Size: 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall