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The Camelid Companion: Handling and Training Your Alpacas & Llamas

The Camelid Companion: Handling and Training Your Alpacas & Llamas

Bennett, Marty McGee Raccoon Press, 2011. 4th Printing. Large Softcover. Near Fine. 4th printing. Owner bookplate inside front wrapper. 2011 Large Softcover. 386 pp. "The definitive guide to handling, training, and managing llamas and alpacas. Learn to be the kind of person a camelid loves to be around and still get your management job done safely and efficiently. If you already have Marty's first book, Llama Handling and Training the TTEAM Approach,referred to by many as the "Training Bible" then you will surely want to get the new testament! This is not a revision but a totally new book. Chock full of new techniques that Marty has developed over the last 10 years you will find this book absolutely indispensable as well as lots of fun to read. This new book has detailed information on every aspect of camelid ownership- everything from wool to weaning and herding to halter fit. Chapters on Medical Herd Management, Herd Maintenance and Husbandry guide you through everything from the birth of a baby, to coping with emergencies, to assisting your veterinarian with medical procedures (reviewed for technical accuracy by both Dr. David Anderson and Dr. LaRue Johnson). Learn the Laws of Camelidynamics. Understand how your behavior is the key to training. Learn how physics, not force can help you accomplish previously challenging tasks such as injections and toenail trimming. Whether you have 2 llamas or 200 alpacas this book is for you. 400 pages, hundreds of illustrations. Clever icons help you navigate through every aspect of training and caring for your camelid. At over two pounds this big book is worth its weight in gold.
Arctic Clothing of North America - Alaska

Arctic Clothing of North America – Alaska, Canada, Greenland

King, J.C.H. [Jonathan]; Pauksztat, Birgit; Storrie, Robert The British Museum Press, 2005. Large Softcover. Near Fine. Signed by author. Inscribed and signed by author on title page ('George, The very best of colleagues and friends! Jonathan King January 2006'). 2005 Large Softcover. 160 pp. "In the Arctic, well designed and superbly tailored clothing allows people to hunt and survive in the world's harshest conditions. Both sea and land animals, birds and fish, provide raw materials for the creation of unique forms of highly efficient clothing - different types of parkas, trousers, layered footwear, gloves and headwear. Such clothing not only protects people but also connects societies to the environment that they inhabit and expresses the continuing importance of animals, birds and fish to these communities. Arctic clothing encompasses a great diversity of national and community styles and also contemporary and traditional costume making. Questions of identity, the semiotics and function of dress, and the copyright and ownership of design are explored along with the nature of people's creativity in rapidly changing traditional societies. The contemporary issues of changes in clothing, the importation of manufactured materials, developments in fashion, clothing and art, and the adaptation of Native clothing by explorers and for sportswear are all examined. Several essays address previously unpublished areas such as fish-skin clothing, hairnets, the use of grass, birds and costume, and kayak clothing.