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Builders of the West; A Book of Heroes (Includes Edna Baker--Prairie Place Names; Norman Fergus Black--Riders of the Plains; William Bleasdell Cameron--Frog Lake Massacre; Charlotte Gordon--Blackfoot Indian Treaty; W.J. Healt--Chief Peguis of Red River; W.J. Healy--Red River Settlement; W.J. Healy--White Women of the West; F.W. Howay--Fur Trading Days

Builders of the West; A Book of Heroes (Includes Edna Baker–Prairie Place Names; Norman Fergus Black–Riders of the Plains; William Bleasdell Cameron–Frog Lake Massacre; Charlotte Gordon–Blackfoot Indian Treaty; W.J. Healt–Chief Peguis of Red River; W.J. Healy–Red River Settlement; W.J. Healy–White Women of the West; F.W. Howay–Fur Trading Days, 1812-1849; F.W. Howay–Spain on the Coast; Howard Angus Kennedy–Father Lacombe; Howard Angus Kennedy–Louis Riel and the North-West Rebellion; Morden H. Long–Company of Adventurers; A.S. Morton–Historic Landmarks; G.C. Paterson–Before the Railway Came; Lorne Pierce–First White Men of the West; Lorne Pierce–Man Who Taught Birchbark How to Talk; Lorne Pierce–McDougall of Alberta; R.L. Re

Howay, F.W. (editor) (Includes Edna Baker: Prairie Place Names; Norman Fergus Black: Riders of the Plains; William Bleasdell Cameron: Frog Lake Massacre; Charlotte Gordon: Blackfoot Indian Treaty; W.J. Healt: Chief Peguis of Red River; W.J. Healy: Red Riv Toronto: Ryerson 1929. (Hardcover) 251pp. Very good, no dust jacket. Dark green cloth with black lettering to the cover and spine. Illustrations, maps. "A little more than three hundred years ago, Samuel de Champlain with a company of thirty men built on the rock of Quebec a group of three two-storied log buildings, each twelve feet by fifteen, and store-house thirty-six feet by eighteen. This little band of colonists, three thousand miles from home, was left almost wholly to its own resources" - from Chapter One. Book about Louis Riel. Includes Edna Baker (Prairie Place Names), Norman Fergus Black (The Riders of the Plains), William Bleasdell Cameron (The Frog Lake Massacre), Charlotte Gordon (The Blackfoot Indian Treaty), W.J. Healt (Chief Peguis of Red River), W.J. Healy (The Red River Settlement), W.J. Healy (The White Women of the West), F.W. Howay (Fur Trading Days, 1812-1849), F.W. Howay (Spain on the Coast), Howard Angus Kennedy (Father Lacombe), Howard Angus Kennedy (Louis Riel and the North-West Rebellion), Morden H. Long (The Company of Adventurers), A.S. Morton (Historic Landmarks), G.C. Paterson (Before the Railway Came), Lorne Pierce (The First White Men of the West), Lorne Pierce (The Man Who Taught Birchbark How to Talk), Lorne Pierce (McDougall of Alberta), R.L. Reid (The First Chief Justice: Sir William Begbie), R.L. Reid (Metlakatla: An Ideal Missionary Settlement), Noel Robinson (Mining, Roads and Development), Noel Robinson (The Struggle for Representative Government), Walter N. Sage (Colonial Days), Winifred M. Stevens (The British on the Coast), Winifred M. Stevens (The Opening of the Land Fur Trade) & Winifred M. Stevens (Some Saskatchewan Forts in 1885). Locale: ; ; British Columbia. (Western Canada).